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Lil Nas X answers interview questions at the Met Gala by meowing as a cat

Lil Nas X answers interview questions at the Met Gala by meowing as a cat

The rapper fully committed when he appeared at the event in New York

Lil Nas X fully committed to his feline look at the 2023 Met Gala by refusing to respond to journalists with anything other than a series of meows.

Go hard or go home, I guess.

Nas joined the likes of Doja Cat and Jared Leto by turning himself into a cat for the event in New York last night (1 May), where the theme was 'Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty'.

Nas only meowed when reporters tried to speak to him.

While Lagerfeld himself might not have been known for dressing as a cat, he did have a very famous feline of his own, Choupette, who has more than 192,000 followers on Instagram.

Choupette 'announced' on Instagram that she wouldn't be walking the red carpet herself, but there were clearly more than enough stars willing to transform themselves into cats and do it for her.

While Jared Leto and his fully furry costume probably takes the crown for the most-realistic outfit, Nas made his commitment to the role clear when he appeared at the event covered head-to-toe in sparkly silver bodypaint, with nothing but a metallic thong covering his more private parts.

On top of the bodypaint was an impressive collection of Swarovski crystals and pearls right up to Nas' cheeks; his face was covered by a masquerade-style silver mask with cat-shaped eyes, and he had long silver nails to transform his hands into claws.

Rather than padding along the carpet in shiny bare feet, Nas wore impressive chunky silver boots to complete his outfit - or lack thereof.

Nas was covered head-to-toe in silver paint for the event.

Reporters at the event were naturally keen to know all the details about the look, and Nas looked like he was ready to share as he made his way over to them from the red carpet.

"How long did this look take?," one reporter asked. It's a pretty simple question and one that many stars will have had to answer over the years, but Nas didn't respond with a typical answer using hours or minutes.

Instead, he responded: "Meow."

As if checking that he hadn't misheard, the journalist asked Nas again how long the look had taken to pull off, but he stayed true to his character as he continued to produce a series of meows.

Sharing a clip from the event online, one journalist wrote: "Lil Nas X says meow and meow only."

Though it might have been pretty frustrating for those hoping to get a headline out of Nas' comments, fans can't get enough of the way he responded to the reporters, with one writing: "Lil Nas X meowing to reporters at the Met Gala is the content I needed to see tonight."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@maggydonaldson

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