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Liam Payne says appearing on Logan Paul's podcast was 'life-changing moment' that made him seek help

Liam Payne says appearing on Logan Paul's podcast was 'life-changing moment' that made him seek help

The One Direction star is now six months sober following a 100-day stint in rehab

Liam Payne has spoken out for the first time since his 100-day stint at a Louisiana rehab facility, revealing he's now six months sober.

The former One Direction star recently shared a candid YouTube video, admitting it was his disastrous appearance on Logan Paul's podcast that served as the 'life-changing moment' which forced him to get help. Have a listen below:

"I became somebody I didn’t really recognise anymore and I’m sure you guys didn’t either," the 29-year-old told his fans.

"I was so angry at what was going on around me that instead of taking a look inwards I decided to take it outwards on everybody else."

In the podcast, which aired in June last year, Liam made a number of bizarre claims - including that all members of One Direction 'hated each other'.

While acknowledging he has respect for Logan, he reflecting on the comments he made while on the podcast, saying: "It was wrong really, and my own frustrations with my own career... so obviously I want to apologise for that."

Liam Payne has spoken out on YouTube.
YouTube/Liam Payne Official

He later added: "There is a point when you hit rock bottom and you realise you have got to do something different as whatever you are doing right now isn’t working for you. I was in bad shape up until that point."

At the time, Liam said he had 'many reasons to dislike Zayn Malik' and that he had hated best pal Louis Tomlinson, but despite these remarks, he now says the bandmates have been supporting him throughout the fallout of the podcast.

"The rest of the boys have really stuck by me and when I needed them most, they kind of came to my rescue, even Zayn," he said.

"It was hard for me to watch back... It's probably one of those life-changing moments that saved my life in a way."

Liam went on to thank Cheryl Cole and their six-year-old son Bear for supporting him in his decision to get help.

The former One Direction member is now six months sober.

"Honestly, more than anything I want to say thank you to Bear and his mum for giving me a little bit of freedom to go and get well," he said.

“There is no point trying to be a dad when you have nothing to teach."

Fortunately, the 'Strip That Down' singer appears to be in a much better place now and says he feels like has 'a grip on life now' after spending 100 days in a US wellness clinic, resulting in him now being six months sober.

"After I got back out, that process had worked for me, but there were still some little bits left that I kind of had to deal with myself."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ImPaulsive

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