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Kris Jenner reveals she bought a bulletproof car because 'she's tired of being shot at'
Featured Image Credit: Julien Reynaud/APS-Medias/ABACAPRESS.COM/Alamy. WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Kris Jenner reveals she bought a bulletproof car because 'she's tired of being shot at'

On the latest episode of The Kardashians, Khloe scorned her mother about her latest expensive purchase.

Kris Jenner has revealed that she bought a bulletproof car because she’s ‘sick of getting shot at’.

In the latest episode of The Kardashians, Khloe scolded her mother for her latest expensive purchase as they were getting their makeup done before the show’s premiere event in April.

"Did I tell you I bought a bulletproof car?" Kris said.

A sceptical Khloe responded: "May I ask why?"

Her mom replied: "Because I'm really tired of..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Khloe interrupted her, saying: "People shooting at you?"

Kris laughed and said: “Yeah.”

Julien Reynaud/APS-Medias/ABACAPRESS.COM/Alamy

While Kris (thankfully) hasn’t revealed any prior attempted shootings from deranged fans in the past, being a part of the Kardashian tribe definitely comes with its dangers.

Just last year, Kim Kardashian was granted a five-year restraining order against Nicholas Costanza after he was found trespassing on the reality star’s home, according to Daily Mail.

Previously, the man had also bizarrely sent the SKIMS founder a diamond ring and the Plan-B morning after pill in the mail before breaking into the Hidden Hills gated community to access Kardashian’s home in October.

In that same year, Kardashian’s half-sister Kendall Jenner was also granted a restraining order after a stalker attempted to take a naked swim in her Beverly Hills home, as per Page Six.

According to reports obtained by TMZ, Shaquan King, 27, began looking for the model while she was home, and proceeded to scream her name while knocking on all her windows.


Jenner then moved to a safe location as her security team tackled the intruder to the ground after he had stripped down with the intention of jumping into her pool.

King has also been convicted of kidnapping in the past, according to the outlet.

The restraining order was granted just days after Jenner had received another after a man attempted to shoot her.

The Sun reported that Malik Bowker was ordered to stay 100 yards away from the 27-year-old after she told a judge that the man had travelled across the US intending to kill her and then himself.

She also claimed to the judge that she had never met Bowker before, and his continuous threats had contributed to her crippling anxiety and had caused her emotional distress.

Hmmm, maybe a bulletproof car doesn’t sound so far-fetched after all

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