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Behind-the-scenes photo exposes sad truth behind pictures of Kim Kardashian's St Patrick's Day pub crawl

Behind-the-scenes photo exposes sad truth behind pictures of Kim Kardashian's St Patrick's Day pub crawl

A behind-the-scenes photo of Kim Kardashian's St Patrick's Day pub crawl has left a lot of fans disappointed.

There is no questioning that Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous faces on the planet.

The reality TV star has a net worth of $1.2 billion, so it is easy to see why many feel she is quite far from the reality of normal life.

According to many fans, Kardashian has become even more out of touch in recent years, as she travels the globe in her $150 million private plane and generally lives a very lavish lifestyle.

But when Kardashian was seen exploring London last week, many praised her for how normal and essentially non-celebrity she looked in the English capital.

During her trip, Kardashian took her son Saint to an Arsenal football match, visited many of London's famous landmarks like the London Eye, and even went to go see Back to the Future musical in the West End.

But on St. Patricks Day (17 March), Kardashian appeared to do do the ultimate pub crawl, where she supposedly enjoyed a few pints of Guinness to mark the occasion.

Kardashian posted photos of the night to her Instagram account, with one story showing her and friends with a pint of the famous Irish tipple each.

On the post, she wrote: "Pub hopping on this St. Paddy's day," before following up with a photo of a shot of Baby Guinness.

Well, a few punters were understandably shocked to find Kardashian in their local, with one taking to social media to post a photo of Kardashian drinking at the pub.

Punters were obviously shocked to see Kardashian.
Twitter/ @iwan

That was then shared by one of his pals to Twitter, who wrote: "How’s my mate just bumped into Kim K at the boozer???"

In the photo, Kardashian naturally poses with a pint of Guinness in one hand and a Baby Guinness shot in the other.

Many people on social media pointed out how natural Kardashian looked in the photo, with some even saying she looked like a normal Londoner on a night out with her casual clothes.

But a behind-the-scenes photo into the supposed boozy night out really does show the true difference between Instagram and reality.

This behind-the-scenes photo showed the true reality of the occasion.
Twitter/ @TheZignal

In a photo taken by Dominic Turner and shared to Twitter by his friend Dan Zetterström, the pub is actually not full of regular punters but instead camera crew.

Presumably filming for her reality TV show, The Kardashians, several people equipped with filming equipment and lighting take over the pub.

So, it appears that Kardashian wasn't just on holiday after all.

UNILAD has reached out to Kim Kardashian's reps for comment

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@iwan/Instagram/@kimkardashian

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