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Kelly Clarkson tells female fan 'I like d***s' after she held up sign saying girlfriend gave her hall pass

Kelly Clarkson tells female fan 'I like d***s' after she held up sign saying girlfriend gave her hall pass

The crowd erupted in cheers when Kelly Clarkson got real about her preferences

Kelly Clarkson caused a crowd to erupt in laughter and cheers when she responded to a female fan whose girlfriend had given her a 'hall pass' for the singer.

The 'Since U Been Gone' star made sure she put on a show fans would remember when she kicked off her Las Vegas residency on Friday (28 July), after a long delay caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

When she finally got to take to the stage, Clarkson entertained fans with her most popular tracks, covers, and some good interaction with the crowd - though she did have to reject one hopeful fan who'd decided to shoot their shot at the gig.

In a viral Twitter clip, Clarkson could be seen leaning towards the audience to read a sign being held up by a female fan.

The fan was in a relationship, but her sign revealed that her girlfriend had granted her a 'hall pass' for Clarkson, meaning that if she ever had the chance to score with the singer, she could take it without risking their relationship.

Kelly Clarkson spotted the sign during her Las Vegas residency.

Reading the sign aloud to the crowd, Clarkson said: "My girlfriend gave me a hall pass for you."

The sign caused laughter and cheers from the crowd, and the singer responded with a compliment to the fan as she said: "If I was into chicks, I'd take up the offer."

Clarkson then stood up straight and went to move off the stage, but decided to throw in one last quip to explain why she wouldn't be accepting the fan's 'hall pass'.

"Honestly, I just unfortunately like d**ks," Clarkson said. It's as good a reason as any.

The remark resulted in loud laughter, whoops and screams from the crowd, with Clarkson herself visibly grinning through the whole interaction.

She's been widely praised for her honesty after the video was shared online, with one fan responding: "The realest thing anyone has ever said."

"I like Kelly more and more every day lol," another person added.

The singer could be seen laughing when she responded to the fan.

Clarkson kicked off her Chemistry: An intimate night with Kelly Clarkson residency in Vegas with a cover of Harry Styles' hit track 'As It Was' in a session she dubbed 'Kellyoake'.

“We were supposed to sing this actually on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and then all the strikes happened and nobody has a job now, so we didn’t get to perform it on the show," she explained.

Clarkson also told the crowd it felt like she hadn't performed a gig in '9,000 years' as she got underway at the sold-out show at Planet Hollywood’s Bakkt Theater.

Her residency is set to continue with a total of 10 shows, which will come to an end on 19 August.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / @YayasG

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