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Kanye West's streams, sales and airplay have all massively decreased since his antisemitic remarks

Kanye West's streams, sales and airplay have all massively decreased since his antisemitic remarks

There have been a number of repercussions for the rapper, who has been widely condemned in recent weeks

Kanye West's popularity has plummeted since he shared anti-semitic comments on social media.

The rapper has been widely condemned following his remarks, which saw his Instagram and Twitter accounts locked, and now it has emerged that consumption of his music has also taken a hit.

According to data from Luminate, cited by Variety, streams of his albums went down by 23 percent in a week, and his airplay (plays on the radio) dropped by 13 percent in the US.

Meanwhile, his worldwide sales have slumped by 17.5 percent.

The declining popularity of his music is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the ramifications for the 45-year-old.

West - who changed his name to Ye - has been dropped by talent agency CAA and a completed documentary about him has been shelved.

The documentary's producers, MRC Entertainment, wrote: "This morning, after discussion with our filmmakers and distribution partners, we made the decision not to proceed with any distribution for our recently completed documentary about Kanye West. We cannot support any content that amplifies his platform.

"Kanye is a producer and sampler of music. Last week he sampled and remixed a classic tune that has charted for over 3,000 years - the lie that Jews are evil and conspire to control the world for their own gain."

In a tweet sent on 8 October, Ye said he would soon go 'death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE' - an apparent reference to the US military readiness condition scale known as Defcon.

Kanye West is facing a backlash following numerous controversial and racist statements.
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He added: "You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda."

He has also suggested slavery was a choice and called the Covid-19 vaccine the 'mark of the beast'.

Kim Kardashian has now spoken out on the subject for the first time too.

The rapper's ex-wife - with whom he has four children - tweeted: "Hate speech is never OK or excusable.

"I stand together with the Jewish community and call on the terrible violence and hateful rhetoric towards them to come to an immediate end."

West has admitted what he said was racist - claiming that's why he said it in the first place.

He was quizzed about his comments on Piers Morgan Uncensored, where he was asked if he regretted saying what he did.

West replied: "No, absolutely not. Absolutely not. Absolutely not."

When quizzed on his comments by Piers Morgan, West admitted he didn't regret saying what he did.
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But when Morgan said that his anti-semitic comments were 'as racist as anything you say you've been through', he then admitted that he did think his comments were racist.

He said: "Yeah obviously, that's why I said it.

"Yes, I fought fire with fire, I'm not here to get hosed down, it's a different type of freedom fighter."

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence, contact Stop Hate UK by visiting their website

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