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Quentin Tarantino says he and Kanye West had ‘really funny’ slave video idea

Quentin Tarantino says he and Kanye West had ‘really funny’ slave video idea

He also said West did not come up with the idea for Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino has opened up about the 'really funny' slave video he discussed with Kanye West.

The rapper has been making all kinds of bizarre statements lately, some more harmful than others, and at the less harmful end of the spectrum was his claim that Tarantino stole the idea for the movie Django Unchained from him.

This accusation was put to the filmmaker on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and while he said that the claim wasn't true, he did discuss their shared slave video idea.

On the show, the host asked Tarantino: “Kanye West said that he came up with the idea for Django Unchained. He said that when he was making the ‘Gold Digger’ video with Jamie Foxx, he pitched it to you guys as a video and then you made it – is there any truth to that?”

Tarantino replied: “There’s not truth to the idea that Kanye West came up with the idea of Django and then he told that to me, and I go, ‘Hey, wow, that’s a really great idea. Let me take Kanye’s idea and make Django Unchained out of it.’ That didn’t happen.

“I’d had the idea for Django for a while before I ever met Kanye. He wanted to do a giant movie version of The College Dropout [his debut studio album] the way he did the album – so he wanted to get big directors to do different tracks from the album and then release it as this giant movie – not video, nothing as crass as videos, it was movies, movies based on each of the different tracks."

West claimed Tarantino nicked the idea for the film.
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He continued: “We used it as an excuse to meet each other and and so we met each other we had a really good time. And he did have an idea for a video.

"I do think it was for the ‘Gold Digger’ video, that he would be a slave. And the whole thing was the slave narrative where he’s a slave and he’s singing ‘Gold Digger.’ And it was very funny. It was a really, really funny idea."

“It was a funny slave video, I mean," Kimmel said.

Tarantino responded: “It was meant to be ironic. And it’s like a huge musical. I mean, like no expenses spared with him in this slave rag outfit, doing everything. And then that was also part of the part of the pushback on it.

"But I wish he had done it. It sounded really cool. Anyway, that’s what he’s referring to.”

The College Dropout rapper is currently being dropped left, right and centre after sharing antisemitic comments on social media.

His social media accounts have also been blocked and brands such as Adidas and Balenciaga have cut ties with him.

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