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Kanye West fans come up with bizarre conspiracy theory as he loses major brand deals

Kanye West fans come up with bizarre conspiracy theory as he loses major brand deals

They reckon he knows exactly what he's doing and has done this deliberately to leave him in a better situation.

Kanye West fans believe the rapper has been given exactly what he wants after losing major brand deals.

The embattled rapper has lost his billionaire status and had deals with Gap and Adidas ripped up.

Gap has ordered for its Yeezy Gap line of merchandise to be pulled from its stores, while Adidas is set to lose $245 million as a result of terminating their partnership with Ye.

West has also been booted from talent agency CAA and brands like Vogue and Balenciaga say they won't work with him in the future.

All this comes in the wake of Ye making antisemitic comments on social media and in interviews, in addition to his bizarre other moments in the last few months.

However, people on social media are speculating that the Donda artist has deliberately made controversial public statements because he wants to get out of these brand partnerships.

Many are suggesting Kanye would have been more financially damaged if he pulled out of his brand deals than if they did it first.

These fans believe he now has the freedom to focus on other projects.

But, honestly, at what cost?

He's caused a huge upset in the Jewish community for the things he's said recently. Even though he's attempted to apologise, in part, for how he went about it, it's caused a near-irreparable damage to his legacy.

People reacting to the social media conspiracy said he was viewed as one of the greatest artists of all time and now that reputation is tarnished as a result of his comments.

Kanye West is being shunned after making antisemitic comments.
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One person wrote: "At this point, what will Kanye's legacy actually be? Like... what will he be remembered for FIRST?"

Another added: "Kanye is destroying his own legacy, no defending him no more. Dude is a terrible person."

A third said: "We’re literally watching Kanye destroy his whole legacy in real time. The fan in me wants to assume that there’s a method to this madness and he’ll figure something new out but the realist in me is LARGELY convinced he’s gone off the deep end and can’t return."

It's clear the rapper's comments are already making an impact on his music.

According to data from Luminate, cited by Variety, streams of his albums went down by 23 percent in a week, and his airplay (plays on the radio) dropped by 13 percent in the US.

Meanwhile, his worldwide sales have slumped by 17.5 percent.

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