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Jonah Hill Reignites 'Feud' With Baby Yoda

Jonah Hill Reignites 'Feud' With Baby Yoda

Jonah Hill has spoken out about how he got a recent black eye, adding fuel to the fire of his supposed 'beef' with Baby Yoda.

Jonah Hill has spoken out about how he got a recent black eye, simultaneously adding fuel to the fire of his supposed 'beef' with Baby Yoda.

At first, Hill looked like he was taking to social media to clear the Child's name and reveal how he acquired his injury.

However, the actor then took to the caption to bait Baby Yoda, of The Mandalorian fame, into yet another battle after a 'split' between Hill and the fictional character was inadvertently started last week thanks to a Variety headline.

The fire may have been extinguished, but Hill has definitely set it back alight in his latest post.

The 38-year-old, who has recently become an avid surfer, clarified that he had sustained the injury from having been out and about catching some waves.

He explained: 'I'm going to say this once, and once only, this black eye is from my surfboard, it is not from a fist fight that I got into with Baby Yoda because of our falling out.'

However, despite seemingly clearing the foundling's name, the actor then launched into battle in the caption to challenge Baby Yoda to nothing other than a Verzuz rap battle.

'That being said I do officially challenge Baby Yoda to a @verzuztv battle. And @disneyplus definitely did NOT pay me off to protect the fact that one of their marquee stars has a big mouth and would definitely catch hands if he didn’t sucker punch me with his little baby green fist,' he wrote.

The post has since amassed more than a million views and thousands of comments, with users taking to the post in stitches. One said: 'The baby Yoda cover up!!! The truth will surface!!! Baby Yoda don’t play that sh*t Homie!!!'

Another wrote: 'It’s the subtle disrespect, he has a name, it’s Grogu.'

A third commented: 'I heard u dropped in on baby Yoda & got into a scrap.'

In a later post, Hill shared images of media coverage of his clip. He wrote: '@people and @pagesix and many other outlets continue to keep this story alive. Thank you for at least printing my words in context and doing me that justice . The idea that your editors and writing staffs are tirelessly at work to keep getting the important info out there isn’t lost on me.'

Of course, now we're in the dilemma of being another media outlet reporting on Hill's fake feud with a fictional character, working tirelessly to get the important info out there and put his words in context...

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