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Johnny Depp Selling NFT Of His Daughter Referencing Her 'Cunning' And 'Silence'

Johnny Depp Selling NFT Of His Daughter Referencing Her 'Cunning' And 'Silence'

Johnny Depp is the latest celebrity to hop on board the NFT gravy train.

Johnny Depp is selling NFTs of his daughter Lily-Rose daubed with the words 'silence', 'exile', 'cunning'.

Plenty of famous faces from across Hollywood have hopped onto the NFT gravy train and started flogging their own personal brand of images.

One of the recent additions was Sir Anthony Hopkins, who announced on Twitter that he was going to buy one for himself and asked Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Fallon and Reese Witherspoon which one he should go for.

He might consider investing in NFTs made by fellow Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, who is selling NFTs he painted himself featuring a collection of people he considers to be friends and heroes.

Depp launched the 'Never Fear Truth' range of artworks in January and they depict a series of famous faces painted by the actor himself.

Unlike many other NFTs that are basically just pictures on the internet you can say you own despite anyone else being able to copy them for themselves, Depp's NFTs do actually provide the buyer with some bonuses.

Those who purchase one of Depp's NFTs from his 'Never Fear Truth' range will gain access to a private Discord group and some of the money will be donated to charities chosen by the actor.

Among the figures depicted on Depp's NFTs are Tim Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, River Phoenix and Al Pacino.

Also depicted is Depp himself, along with pictures of his old family dog Mooh and a figure called 'Bunnyman' that his son used to dream about.

His daughter Lily-Rose also features on several of the artworks with different messages across the picture, one references her 'cunning' and 'silence', while another dubs her 'the future'.

Lily-Rose was the target of abuse during Depp's defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard as some fans of the actor thought she wasn't vocal enough in her support of her father.

She had stayed quiet about the matter on social media, and as per Buzzfeed this led some to hurl abuse at her online.

While many celebrities have joined the NFT craze, the market for these tokens that lack fungibility doesn't look great overall.

Tech Crunch reports that sales of NFTs are down as part of a wider downturn for the cryptocurrency market.

They note that the cryptocurrency market fluctuates between optimism and pessimism, and right now pessimism is driving down sales and values.

Considering high profile NFTs such as that of the first tweet ever sent have failed to fetch high prices when owners have been looking to move them on, it's possible the latest crypto craze is running out of steam.

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