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Jeff Bezos called out for tweet he posted about job at McDonald's to make a point

Jeff Bezos called out for tweet he posted about job at McDonald's to make a point

The 58-year-old took to Twitter on Sunday (28 August) to share a photo of himself enjoying a McDonald's Big Mac.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been mocked online for ‘trying to be relatable’ after he reminisced about his first job on Twitter.

The 58-year-old took to the social media platform on Sunday (28 August) to share a photo of himself enjoying a McDonald's Big Mac while also reminding people of his ‘humble beginnings’.

The billionaire entrepreneur has previously spoke about working as a short-order line cook for McDonald's while attending high school in Miami, Florida.

Bezos penned alongside a photo of him with a near finished burger in hand: "My first job. And still the same great burger. Happy Sunday."

It comes as no surprise that Bezos was inevitably mocked for the post and his attempt to be ‘relatable’. Not only that, but many noted how his parents invested hundreds of thousands into Amazon when he first started out, a luxury many people don't have.

One commented under the post: "Wow. Your parents let you work at McD’s even though they were rich and would later stake your business?"

"Relax bro, your parents gave you the equivalent of $600,000 to start your business," another claimed.

A third peened: "Look everyone. He's just like us!

Jeff Bezos with his girlfriend Laura Sanchez at Prime Video's Rings of Power premiere.
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“Except the obscene amount of money. And the power and influence. And the space rockets. And the... monopolisation of retail. But other than THOSE things... BURGERS!"

Bezos, who has a net worth of $150 billion (£125 billion), stepped down as CEO of Amazon last year and now serves as executive chairman of the company. Notably in April, he lost a whopping $13 billion (£10.3 billion) of his fortune after the popular online marketplace reported a rare quarterly loss.

Bezos' big loss came after Amazon released an update on business in the first three months of the year, with the report off the back of almost two years characterised by pandemic-fuelled online shopping

Now that customers weren't largely bound by restrictions, Amazon reported its first quarterly loss since 2015, losing $3.84 billion (£3 billion), or $7.56 (£5.90) a share, between January and March 2022, as well as recording the slowest sales growth since 2001.

In the same time period last year, the company reported a profit of $8.1 billion (£6.4b), or $15.79 (£12.50) a share.

With investors disappointed by the revelation, the e-commerce company's stock fell more than eight percent in early New York trading on 29 April, Bloomberg reported.

Last year, Bezos' net worth peaked at more than $210 billion (£166 billion). 

Jeff Bezos stepped down as CEO of Amazon last year.
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While acknowledging its losses at the time, Amazon's Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky said the company had doubled the size of its operations and nearly doubled its workforce in the last two years, stressing that while labour shortages and a lack of physical space are no longer considered major issues, the company still faces pressures such as increased shipping costs.

As reported by ABC News, the CFO explained expenses related to inflation added approximately $2 billion (£1.59 billion) of incremental costs when compared to last year, while another $4 billion (£3.18 billion) in costs came from productivity loss and other inefficiencies.

In a statement at the time, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said: "The pandemic and subsequent war in Ukraine have brought unusual growth and challenges.

"Our teams are squarely focused on improving productivity and cost efficiencies throughout our fulfilment network. We know how to do this and have done it before.”

Amazon has added a five percent surcharge for third-party sellers who use its fulfilment services, as well as increasing the price of its annual Prime membership fee by $20 (£15.90).

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