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Jamie Lee Curtis calls for people to stop using the term 'anti-ageing'

Jamie Lee Curtis calls for people to stop using the term 'anti-ageing'

Jamie Lee Curtis wants all of us to stop using anti-aging terminology.

Jamie Lee Curtis wants all of us to stop using anti-aging terminology.

And, we're totally on board, because the only number those tiny tubes of 'anti-aging' cream reduce is your bank balance.

Look, we aren't saying don't buy whatever beauty products you want, we're pretty obsessed with nice skincare, but Jamie's point is that we don't need to feel shame every time we talk about eye cream.

Jamie is an advocate for natural beauty.
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The Halloween actress made the remarks during an interview with Lorraine Kelly.

Lorraine tells Jamie how Dawn French had recently chopped off her iconic bob and 'channelling Jamie Lee Curtis' while embracing her grey hair.

Clearly flattered, the Curtis responded by saying: "Lovely, lovely. I've been an advocate for natural beauty for a long time. Mostly because I've had the trial and error of the other part. I did the plastic surgery, it didn't work, I hated it, it made me feel worse. I tried to do everything that you can do to your hair.

"Personally, I felt it humiliating. I would go into a hair salon, the smell of the chemicals, the feeling of the colour on my hair, the wearing the thing sitting under the hair dryer, I was like 'what?' So, very early on in my career, I had a perm, and then I had to dye my hair for a movie and it burned my hair off my head."

We love a trip to the salon but burning off your hair in the name of beauty isn't doing it for us.

Jamie continued to explain how, eventually, through some trial and error, she found her look: "And, the first time I cut my hair short, I went oh, oh my god, wow, I look like me. Since then, I also stopped dyeing it.

"And I've also been an advocate for not fucking with your face and the term 'anti-ageing' - what?! What are you talking about? We're all going to f**king age, we're all gonna die. Why do you want to look 17 when you're 70? I want to look 70 when I'm 70."

Naturally (ageing) people on Twitter were incredibly supportive of Jamie, with one user saying: "Well said @jamieleecurtis speaking with @reallorraine this morning about NOT anti-#ageing! A fierce advocate of natural beauty & feeling good about ourselves as we age & refusing to conform to the pressure to basically age in reverse! #tuesdaymotivations."

Jamie was flattered Dawn French changed her hair.
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Another added: "Watch #Lorraine and @jamieleecurtis telling anti ageing to f**k off is my absolute favourite thing to wake up to."

While a third offered some food for thought saying: "It's an individual take. Your face, body, hair... do as YOU please," and to be fair, as long as you're happy, we say do whatever you like to your hair, face, body, just maybe don't perm and then dye your hair like Jamie.

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