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Jameela Jamil issues warning about 'extreme' weight loss at Oscars
Featured Image Credit: @jameelajamil / Instagram / AFF / Alamy Stock Photo

Jameela Jamil issues warning about 'extreme' weight loss at Oscars

The 37-year-old has hit back at celebs who used weight loss injections, before attending the annual awards ceremony.

Jameela Jamil has given her fans a stark warning against ‘extreme’ weight loss in a lengthy post after last weekend’s Oscars.

The 37-year-old star has often spoken out against diet culture on Instagram and wrote about how weight ‘loss becomes an Olympic sport during awards season’.

She also accused her fellow actresses of resorting to weight loss injections, saying that they created an ‘impossible standard of beauty’ and were triggering to viewers.

It’s not the first time the She-Hulk actress has called out the controversial weight loss treatment, with Jamil sharing a similar post in January.

At the time, she spoke out against the use of injections such as Ozempic, which is routinely used to treat type 2 diabetes.

Given that there are currently shortages of the lifesaving drug in US, Jamil said she was ‘deeply concerned’ about its being used weight loss.

The She-Hulk actor told her 3.8 million Instagram followers: “I fear for everyone in the next few years. Rich people are buying this stuff off prescription for upwards of $1,000.

"Actual diabetes are seeing shortages. It’s now a mainstream craze in Hollywood.”

The actress has often spoken out about diet culture.
Instagram/ Jameela Jamie

Her more recent post also echoed this, as she called out the ‘unsustainable’ method.

She wrote: “Many people start dieting unsustainably like f**king mad just after Christmas for this one night on a global stage. A LOT of people took weight loss injections (which don’t keep the weight off permanently).”

Although she insisted that she didn’t judge other celebs, she warned her fans just how unrealistic such dramatic weight loss was and begged them to not be swayed by the images.

“I just don’t want you to be triggered, or make sudden decisions, because of the images of impossible standard that come out today,” she said, adding: “It’s a temporary extreme. None of this lasts.”

Jamil has also hit back at designers for their part in diet culture.
Instagram/Jameela Jamie

This continued in the caption, as Jamil spoke about how the results of such drugs rarely lasted until the next awards season.

Although she did admit that she loved many of the outfits, she also criticised designers for the role they play in the dangerous trend.

She wrote: “It is an industry pressure and a result of f**king tiny samples from designers that are straight off the runway from fashion month, that result in such a forced uniform thinness, and fear of wrinkles.”

Having been a Hollywood actress, Jamil said that she’d experienced the same pressure to be thin when she attended the Oscars and other similar events.

Frustrated with the burden placed on her body at the time, she told fans: “It's not as real as you think it is, and as someone who did all this s**t for two decades, it's not worth it.”

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