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Island Boys' Franky Venegas' ex-girlfriend removes all tattoos of him following his arrest

Island Boys' Franky Venegas' ex-girlfriend removes all tattoos of him following his arrest

Franky Venegas was reportedly arrested for domestic battery

Island Boys' Franky Venegas' former girlfriend has began the process to remove all tattoos of him following his recent arrest.

Franky and his now ex-girlfriend Amina Sobhi, a social media influencer, had allegedly been dating since June 2022.

The duo were holidaying at Pompano Beach, Florida, last weekend when they reportedly got involved into an altercation by the pool of their Airbnb.

Franky, a TikTok personality who goes by the name of Kodiyakredd on the video-sharing platform, allegedly got 'upset' after Amina threatened to 'break up' with him due to his 'physical abusive behavior'.

Amina told police he reportedly slapped her across the face and pushed her into the shallow part of the pool, and she struck the concrete floor, cutting her chin, and bruising her legs and arms.

Franky Venegas was recently arrested for domestic battery.

Amina was taken to the nearby hospital, according to police.

Following the incident, Amina was seen at Bad Habits Tattoos & Laser Tattoo Removal in Fort Lauderdale this week to remove the ink that she had got for her now ex-boyfriend.

According to TMZ, Amina has three tattoos in honor of Franky - a tattoo of his face on her neck, his name across her chest and another on her wrist.

Tattoo studio owner Liz Chaviano told TMZ that it might take several sessions to completely clear off Franky's name off Amina's body.

She explained that 'the whole process can take up to a year and a half depending on how deep the ink's been absorbed into the skin'.

Liz also noted that because the tattoos seemed 'so badly done, their removal could go pretty quickly' as one removal session can be done every 6 weeks.

Amina was seen getting her tattoo of Franky removed.

Franky was taken into custody and subsequently arrested for domestic battery following Amina's decision to report the argument and the abuse to the authorities.

However, he was later released on Sunday (7 May) and the arrest didn't stop him from posting 'interesting' content on social media.

Taking to Instagram Franky shared a photo of his mugshot with the caption: "Free naaa missed everybody. [It’s] not what it seems. Love and peace, and prosperity, that is what life is about. 24-hour lockdown and fighting demons nobody cared now they do."

Franky and his twin brother Flyysoulja gained significant attention on the internet when they released the song 'I'm An Island Boy' in 2021, which quickly went viral.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Redd4xx/Police Handout

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