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Gwen Stefani explains why she doesn't appear to age

Gwen Stefani explains why she doesn't appear to age

Gwen Stefani has revealed the secret behind why she continues to always look young for her age.

Listen closely, folks - Gwen Stefani has finally revealed how she continues to look so young for her age.

As Gwen Stefani celebrates her 53rd birthday today (3 October), fans of the singer have flooded to social media to once again marvel how 'The Sweet Escape' singer has managed to stay looking so young.

If, like me, the coronavirus pandemic has aged you about 20 years - I found a couple of grey hairs the other day and I'm only 22 - then you're definitely going to want to watch this:

Stefani's youthful appearance has been remarked upon by fans of the celebrity for years.

"Gwen Stefani is either ageless or freeze-dried," one Twitter user said.

Another said: "Gwen Stefani looks ageless. She's looked the same since 'Hollaback Girl'. Werk it."

A third wrote: "Wish I had Gwen stefani's genetics #ageless."

However, you no longer need to 'wish' for Stefani's genetics because the singer let fans in on her secret during a Carpool Karaoke with James Corden in May 2016.

In response to Corden comparing her to Benjamin Button - who ages backwards and gets younger as time passes - Stefani explained how after her life 'blew up' she 'started falling in love'.

She continued: "Then I wrote a whole record about that. So that's [...] what the facelift is.

"I'm writing music about happiness and truth."

James Corden compared Gwen Stefani to Benjamin Button.
The Late Late Show with James Corden/ YouTube

It's not only Stefani's appearance which is youthful either. Her voice and songs were noted by one user as transporting them back in time to when they were young and at college.

"Love Gwen...spent so much of my younger years listening to 'No Doubt' on repeat," another wrote.

A third noted how not only seeing Stefani, but George Clooney and Julia Roberts singing 'Hollaback Girl' makes the episode a 'classic [...] time and time again'.

"I absolutely LOVE Carpool Karaoke! These late night talk hosts have the best job ever! I know it’s not all fun and games and not perfect but I’m sure 95 percent of it is!

"Btw Gwen and Julia haven’t aged at all!! Actually everyone in the car looked fabulous!" a final user said.

Stefani and Corden were later joined by actors George Clooney and Julia Roberts.
The Late Late Show with James Corden/ YouTube

While 'falling in love,' 'happiness and truth' is all well and good for helping maintain Stefani's youthful looks, some of us aren't quite so lucky in love.

I was hoping for the singer to detail some specific cream or oil which can be used to blur the frown lines on my forehead, but instead, it looks like we'll all just have to get re-downloading Tinder or Hinge.

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