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Awkward Tom Cruise Interview Where He Claps Back At Nosy Reporter Resurfaces

Awkward Tom Cruise Interview Where He Claps Back At Nosy Reporter Resurfaces

An interview from 17 years ago where the Top Gun: Maverick star shuts down a nosy reporter has gone viral

Tom Cruise is all the rage right now thanks to the blockbusting success of Top Gun: Maverick, though in truth he's one of those Hollywood stars who never really stops being incredibly famous.

It's getting rave reviews from critics while audiences are packing out cinemas to see the sequel to the 1986 original.

Even at 59 years old it's clear that Cruise is still one of the most impressive and talented action stars of the big screen, while Top Gun: Maverick's massive opening weekend has put it on course to be his biggest movie yet.

With all this attention on Cruise something very special has resurfaced: an historic interview from 17 years ago where the actor claps back at a nosy reporter.

It's a 60 Minutes interview from 2005 where Cruise is asked repeated questions about his marriage to Nicole Kidman and eventually tells interviewer Peter Overton to 'put your manners back in'. Watch below:

In the interview Overton starts the exchange by asking: "Was Nicole the love of your life?" prompting Cruise to ask how he's meant to answer that question.

The couple were married between 1990 and 2001, adopting two children together, and Cruise dealt with the early questions by explaining that he wanted Kidman to be happy and that he planned to remarry.

Still, the questions about his marriage kept coming, prompting Cruise to warn Overton: "You're stepping over a line here, you know you are."

When told they are questions people want to know the answer to, Cruise eventually claps back: "Peter, you want to know, take responsibility for what you want to know.

"Don't say 'what other people', this is a conversation that I'm having with you right now. So I'm just telling you right now, put your manners back in."

Still, the whole thing ended on a positive note with a handshake and a smile as Cruise turned on the charm and reassured Overton he had found the interview 'terrific'.


On the questions about his marriage he said: "You stepped out of line, I whacked you, we got on with it."

Lots of people coming across the interview since it went viral on social media have given their opinion on it, and most have praised Cruise for shutting down uncomfortable questions without losing his temper.

One wrote that Cruise 'was right to lay down the law here', while another said he was '100 percent in the right' to clap back at Overton.

However, others said they could see the actor was suppressing a moment of rage while a few compared Cruise's reaction to American Psycho character Patrick Bateman.

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Featured Image Credit: 60 Minutes

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