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Harry Styles kisses Nick Kroll on lips as Don't Worry Darling gets a standing ovation

Harry Styles kisses Nick Kroll on lips as Don't Worry Darling gets a standing ovation

He didn't kiss his rumoured girlfriend, director Olivia Wilde, however

Actor and musician Harry Styles has been getting cosy with co-star Nick Kroll as the pair celebrated their latest film, Don't Worry Darling, receiving a standing ovation at Venice Film Festival.

In clips from the event last night (Monday 5 September), Styles could be seen planting a kiss on the lips of co-star Kroll as the film received praise from festival goers.

The movie reportedly received a four-minute standing ovation, in which the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer was seen embracing and kissing his co-star as they stood with other stars from the movie, including Gemma Chan and director Olivia Wilde.

Editor of Variety magazine Ramin Setoodeh shared the cute clip on Twitter. You can view it here:

The movie received rapturous applause from attendees at the festival ahead of it being released to cinemas later this month.

In the film, we see Alice (Florence Pugh) and Jack (Harry Styles) move to a pristine new community led by the creepy yet charming Frank, played by Chris Pine.

However, things are not as they seem and take a dark turn when Alice begins to wonder whether something sinister is going on with her husband's mysterious company.

Kroll has previously spoken out about the film, labelling it as 'exciting, sexy and dark', and has already claimed viewers will 'go bananas' for lead actors Pugh and Styles.

Speaking to UNILAD last year, Kroll said: "I think people are gonna go bananas for it. It’s exciting, sexy, dark. Florence and Harry and the rest of the cast, it’s a really great cast – I’m really excited to be part of it.

"I’m very excited for people to see it – I haven’t seen it yet, so I’m personally excited to watch it, but Olivia directed it and did a hell of a job. It’s beautiful and it’s gonna be a really fun watch. That’s about all I can tell you, and that’s kind of the fun of it."

The release of the film has not been without its own drama, however, as it has been plagued with off-screen controversies, including claims about a gender pay gap, which Wilde swiftly shut down, to the issue of whether or not Shia LaBeouf was fired or left of his own accord.

Florence Pugh and Harry Styles in Don't Worry Darling.
Warner Bros.

Another rumour that has been widely heard is a potential fall out between director Wilde and lead actress Florence Pugh. However Wilde shut down gossip of a feud at a conference at the festival.

A reporter addressed the rumours head on, asking Wilde: "Can you just clear the air and address whether there has been a falling out there and if so why, because it’s something that people are discussing?"

Wilde, who appeared alongside Styles, Chan and Chris Pine, said: "Florence is a force and we are so grateful that she is able to make it tonight despite being in production on Dune.

"I know as a director how disruptive it is to lose an actor even for a day so I’m very grateful to her and Denis Villeneuve for helping us – we’re really thrilled we’ll get to celebrate her work tonight."

She added: "I can’t say enough how honoured I am to have her as our lead. She’s amazing in the film and as for all the endless tabloid gossip and all the noise out there, I mean, the internet feeds itself.

Director Olivia Wilde shut down feud rumours with Florence Pugh.
Abaca Press/Alamy Stock Photo

"I don’t feel the need to contribute, I think it’s sufficiently well nourished."

Her response appears to reflect other statements she's made to the ongoing off-screen scandals that have surrounded the movie, with Wilde previously describing the gender pay gap allegations as nothing more than 'clickbait'.

Featured Image Credit: @RaminSetoodeh/Twitter

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