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Hailie Jade opens up about how she feels when people ask about her dad Eminem

Hailie Jade opens up about how she feels when people ask about her dad Eminem

She's got mixed feelings about the constant Slim Shady questions.

Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade has a new podcast, and she didn't hold back when it came to talking about her famous dad on her first Ask Me Anything.

The Just a Little Shady host, 26, opened up about how she really feels when people ask her about her dad Eminem – something that, unsurprisingly, happens a lot.

She said: "I feel like a good first question to answer, since a lot of questions were about my dad, the first question I feel like I should answer, "Does it bother me when I get asked about my dad?'"

Eminem's daughter Hailie gets a lot of questions about her dad.
Instagram / hailiejade

The 26-year-old then revealed: "The best way to say this is yes and no."

This prompted her co-host and best friend, Brittany Ednie, to say: "Clear answer."

The podcaster then opened up about why she is and isn't bothered when people use her as a way to answer their burning questions about the rapper, 49.

"I obviously expect it and there are certain things I can understand why people are just genuinely curious about, as anyone would be when you've kind of grown up like half in the spotlight," she said.

However, she explained the downside to the questions is that people often fail to ask her about herself, and asserted: "I'm a person too.

"I think I have more to offer than just my dad, so it becomes like tricky because like I get it, but then like I said after a certain extent, I'm not going to speak on behalf of anyone," she said. "I'm not gonna answer stuff that I don't specifically have the answers to. So I mean, I guess, yes and no. Is that a good response?"

Eminem's daughter said she does and doesn't mind when people ask about him.
UPI / Alamy Stock Photo

Hailie said that she's a lot more tolerant towards questions about her dad than when she was younger.

"I feel like growing up when it would happen I would get more bothered by it because I was like, why do people care? Like I don't know, because I was young and I didn't totally understand the situation,” she said.

"I was just like, that's my dad, like I don't ask you about your dad."

The 26-year-old teased the answer to the question prior to its release on her TikTok account, and fans were quick to suggest potential solutions.

One wrote: "Might as well do [a one-off] episode of questions all about your parents and then tell everyone that all future questions will only be about you."

Another suggested: "You should bring your dad on the podcast."

The Just a Little Shady podcast is available to stream now on all major platforms.

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