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Reporter doesn’t know how to react as Grimes admits she ‘likes the patriarchy’
Featured Image Credit: IMS Ibiza

Reporter doesn’t know how to react as Grimes admits she ‘likes the patriarchy’

It wasn't the answer she was expecting to hear

Musician Grimes has said 'I kinda like the patriarchy' in an interview and it left the reporter who asked the question stunned.

There are always going to be times when you're interviewing someone and they give an answer you weren't quite expecting, but Grimes gave one reporter quite the surprise.

Last month, she was at International Music Summit Ibiza and spoke to BBC Radio 1's Jaguar Bingham in the closing keynote interview of the event.

Part way through the conversation the question of what motivates Grimes came up, which prompted an unexpected exchange.

Bingham had said that her daily motivation was to 'smash the patriarchy', but the response she got from Grimes might not have been what she was expecting to hear.

Jaguar Bingham looked a bit surprised by Grimes saying she liked the patriarchy.
IMZ Ibiza

"I kind of like the patriarchy," she said, leaving the interviewer to wonder what she liked about it.

"I like the supply chain, food, Uber, roads... umm, civilization, you know there's a lot of good things that came from it."

It didn't seem quite like the answer Bingham was expecting and some viewers of the interview reckoned it was pretty awkward.

Others questioned the idea that a world without the patriarchy would 'never have achieved any of those things', while someone else wondered how Uber made the list.

However, that long pause allowed Grimes to further expand on her point and call for an overhaul.

She said: "I think it's sort of oppressive and overly dominant, and if you don't include women in things they can easily become toxic, you know."

Grimes said 'I kinda like the patriarchy' but went on to say she found it 'oppressive' and 'overly dominant'.
IMS Ibiza

"I remember when there was Merkel and the New Zealand lady and you had all the countries that were faring the best had female leaders I thought 'man this is pretty telling'," Grimes continued.

"I think what we need to do is stop attacking the things that we don't like and work harder on building the things we do like. We shouldn't expect the people who are not us to hand us things and make things for us.

"We should make our own systems, everyone recognises that everything about almost all the systems of modernity right now are f**ked up and broken. The legal system is broken, the education system is broken, everything is broken.

"Trying to pretend those things are not broken and succeed within these broken systems is useless. We're not gonna make the world less hostile to women but we can create institutions which are great for women."

UNILAD has contacted Grimes' representatives for comment.

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