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Evan Rachel Wood Shares Shocking Comment Marilyn Manson Allegedly Made Following Her Abortion

Evan Rachel Wood Shares Shocking Comment Marilyn Manson Allegedly Made Following Her Abortion

Evan Rachel Wood has claimed that Marilyn Manson ordered her to make him dinner immediately after she got an abortion.

In her new documentary, Evan Rachel Wood has claimed Marilyn Manson 'didn't care' after she got an abortion.

The actor - who has accused Manson of violent abuse and rape against her over the course of the pair's three year relationship - alleges Manson flew out to be with her after she decided to get an abortion after becoming pregnant with his child, but that he showed no sign of sympathy for the 'trauma' she'd gone through in having the procedure.

In a clip from the upcoming second part of her documentary Phoenix Rising, Wood recalled: 'He flew out for the abortion. I was just so scared and sad. I obviously believe in a woman’s right to choose, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t devastating.'

Evan Rachel Wood (Alamy)
Evan Rachel Wood (Alamy)

She continued: 'The second it was over [he] was like, 'Make me dinner.' And I remember being like, 'I'm supposed to be resting — my body has gone through this trauma, there’s aftermath here.' And he didn’t care.'

Wood went on to claim that it was impossible for her to protect herself from becoming pregnant because Manson 'refused to wear a condom, ever' during the course of her relationship, and she was forced to have sex with him amid the constant threat of violence.

'It was very much sex on demand, and it was going to cause more problems if I said no,' she said, per Variety. 'You don’t have time to use birth control when somebody’s just penetrating you while you’re asleep or if they’ve given you a pill that made you black out.'

Wood's documentary series about the abuse she alleges to have been subjected to by Manson premiered last year at the Sundance Film Festival, with the film set to air in two parts next week on HBO.

Evan Rachel Wood (Alamy)
Evan Rachel Wood (Alamy)

In the documentary, Wood discusses her experience at the hands of Manson, who was 38 when she first started dating him aged just 19.

Part one of the series saw the Westworld actor claim she was 'essentially raped on-camera' by Manson while filming a music video for him in 2007, with the singer allegedly having fed her absinthe on set leaving her barely conscious enough to object.

Manson has denied the allegations of abuse made against him by Wood and several other women, and has filed a defamation lawsuit against Wood.

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