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Emma Stone reduced to floods of tears after 'lonely' fan's emotional admission to her

Emma Stone reduced to floods of tears after 'lonely' fan's emotional admission to her

Emma leapt off stage to give the fan a hug

Emma Stone was reduced to tears during a film Q&A after a fan poured his heart out to her.

Emma, 35, was at a Q&A session for a screening of her latest movie Poor Things in London's Curzon Soho, when the fan told her about his 'lonely' time at school.

Emma's new film, Poor Things is a Frankenstein-esq story based on the novel by Alasdair Gray.

Emma Stone plays the character Bella Baxter in Poor Things.
Warner Bros

It sees the Oscar winner star as Bella Baxter – a young woman who dies, only to be revived and brought back to life by a surgeon (played by Willem Dafoe).

However, there's a rather bizarre twist. Instead of just bringing the deceased woman back, the scientist decides to swap out her brain for that of a baby.

Ever since the film's release earlier this month, it's been receiving rave reviews and audiences were equally impressed at a London screening this week, with the fan telling Emma: "I have been watching your career for the last 12 years. I love Poor Things. I have watched it six times."

You can watch the moment below:

The fan - who is autistic - then went on to tell Emma about his time at school, explaining to her that her Saturday Night Live sketches used to get him through school.

"You always bring electricity to the screen in every single one of your performances and everything you create is always pure and honest," he said.

"I have really fell [sic] in love with your heart, your confidence, your wicked strength, your advocacy for mental health and awareness. Growing up as one of the very few autistic kids in school, I felt lonely and unable to make friends.

"During recess I would sneak inside a computer room to watch your old SNL sketches.

"You mentioned on a few occasions that you felt insecure when you didn't graduate high school and didn't go to college, but I enjoyed the comfort and the safety that you brought me during those years."

Emma, who was in floods of tears, then jumped off the stage to give the man a hug.

Emma was in floods of tears over the fan's admission.

He went on to present her with a huge bunch of flowers, as she told him: "That was so cute."

When Emma returned to the stage, she asked the fan if he had a question for her.

He asked: "What is your favourite message that you are going to take on for the rest of your life from this experience?"

To which Emma replied: "I think Bella too is someone who gets to experience life in a way that isn't defined by social constructs and she is able to take in life experiences in a completely original way.

"She sees the good and the bad in equal measure and she is fascinated by what life has to offer and she is not like anybody else and that is deeply inspiring and so I think that is the biggest thing that has touched me most deeply."

You can catch Poor Things in cinemas now.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@Lauren_frieda

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