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Elliot Page Feels Better Than Ever After 'Joyful Moment' Wearing Suit To Oscars

Elliot Page Feels Better Than Ever After 'Joyful Moment' Wearing Suit To Oscars

"I feel the best I've ever felt, like, I feel the way that I really never thought was possible."

Elliot Page has revealed he is feeling better than ever after the 'joyful moment' he wore a suit to the Oscars.

The actor – who is known for starring in Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, Christopher Nolan's Inception and 2007 film Juno, among others – confirmed he was transgender in December 2020, and last weekend he attended his first Academy Awards ceremony since the announcement.

The 35-year-old made the most of the opportunity to suit up, describing the occasion as 'really special'.

Watch him open up about the experience here:

Speaking to Trans Week about trans joy, he said: "In the more specific ways, it's wearing a suit last night [at the Academy Awards].

"All those things are really special, wonderful, joyful moments where you're looking at a photograph and it's really cool to see yourself for the first time — or the person you already saw but here they are, like, they're f*****g emerging."

Page added that he was feeling better than ever at this point in his life.

He said: "I feel the best I've ever felt like, I feel the way that I really never thought was possible.

"I know the challenges I've gone through and I know how difficult it has been for me.

"The enormous amount of privilege, the enormous amount of resources I've had absolutely, unequivocally saved my life – from therapy to my surgery, and so many things between.

"Just the degree now that I can feel present, simply that I can feel present in a space without this incessant underlying anxiety or some sort of feeling like I need to flee."

After Juno saw him receive Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations and worldwide attention, Page admitted it was difficult keeping up with all the red carpets and magazine editorials, which highlighted how disconnected he previously felt.

Elliot told TIME last year: "I just never recognised myself. For a long time I could not even look at a photo of myself."

Since announcing that he is trans, Page has undergone top surgery, whereby the breasts are removed.

He said the procedure provided the catharsis he needed after the 'total hell' of puberty.

"It has completely transformed my life," he said.

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Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Elliot Page

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