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Elliot Page Shares New Passport Picture After Gender Change

Elliot Page Shares New Passport Picture After Gender Change

The actor has been praised for his bravery by fans in coming out as transgender

Elliot Page has shared his new passport photo following his gender transition.

In December 2020, the actor revealed that he no longer identified as female and was now going by he/they pronouns.

Writing at the time, he said: "I can’t begin to express how remarkable it feels to finally love who I am enough to pursue my authentic self. I’ve been endlessly inspired by so many in the trans community."

Since then, the 35-year-old has undergone gender reassignment surgery and expressed his joy at finally being able to express his real identity.

And over the weekend, the Umbrella Academy star shared his new passport photo on his Instagram account. Posting the snap, Page said: "Never thought I would love a passport photo."

Elliot Page's new passport photo.

It has since been liked over one million times, with thousands of fans piling into the comment to share their support.

One user said: "Best passport photo I've seen," while another commented: "Sir, how is your passport photo this good?"

"I've said this before and I will continue... you are so handsome!" put a third.

While another added: "Hey Elliot, I know you won't see this, but as a trans kid, thanks. You have made a huge difference in my life."

This comes after Page opened up about his decision to transition and the impact it has had on his life.

In an article published in Esquire, he said the reaction to the news has been a mixture of 'love and support from many people and hatred and cruelty and vitriol from so many others', but admitted that this was something he 'expected'.

Speaking about life before coming out, Page wrote: "I wasn’t okay, and I didn’t know how to talk about that with anyone.

"I was living the life and my dreams were coming true, and all that was happening. And yet, for example, when I was shooting Inception, I could pretty much not leave whatever hotel I’d be staying in... I struggled with food. Intense depression, anxiety, severe panic attacks. I couldn’t function."

Page says he can finally be himself following his decision to transition.

However, following his decision to transition, Page said that he was finally able to be himself.

"I can’t overstate the biggest joy, which is really seeing yourself. I know I look different to others, but to me I’m just starting to look like myself," he went on.

"It’s indescribable, because I’m just like, there I am. And thank God. Here I am.

"So the greatest joy is just being able to feel present, literally, just to be present. To go out in a group of new people and be able to engage in a way where I didn’t feel this constant sensation to flee from my body, this never-ending sensation of anxiety and nervousness and wanting out."

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence contact Mindline Trans+ on 0300 330 5468. The line is open 8pm–midnight Mondays and Fridays and is run by trans volunteers

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/@elliotpage/Instagram

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