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TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney shows off results of facial feminization surgery

TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney shows off results of facial feminization surgery

Dylan Mulvaney went under the knife last year and has now shown off the results of her surgery

Dylan Mulvaney has shared the long-awaited results of her facial feminization surgery.

The actor began her transition last year, keeping a daily vlog of her journey and sharing it with her millions of followers across social media.

In December, the 26-year-old finally went under the knife for her facial feminization procedure.

And six weeks on, she's created a truly epic video to show off the results to the world.

The two-minute video opens with a title card, which reads 'Dylan Mulvaney starring in "The Face Reveal"'.

Dylan went under the knife last year.

It then cuts to a huge velvet curtain, which parts, revealing Dylan dressed in an elegant aqua-blue ballet outfit to Tchaikovsky’s 'Swan Lake'.

After some impressive moves, she returns to the stage, this time wearing a long black dress, elbow length gloves, her hair up and pearls around her neck a la Audrey Hepburn.

She's seen gesturing to the audience watching on, curtsying as they cheer.

The screen switches to colour and Dylan closes the curtain, turning to the camera to thank her fans for their support.

She says: "You know I have a flair for the dramatics, but it's so good right?

"I'm so happy, and it's still me. It's just a little bit softer of a version.

The 26-year-old showed off the results in a glitzy video.

"I just hope that all trans and non-binary people can get the gender-affirming resources that they need because this is life-changing and sometimes life-saving.

"So, thank you so much for supporting me, and we've got so much to catch up on,' she tells her fans. 'I love ya."

Dylan also thanked the team that helped put the big reveal together, including her plastic surgeon Dr. Harrison H. Lee.

Since it was posted yesterday (27 January), the video has been viewed over four million times, with over one million likes.

Dylan's fans have also backed her all the way, posting messages of support in the comments.

One user said: "This is so beautiful! YOU are so beautiful. Inside and out - you are a wonderful person! I am so so happy for you."

Another wrote: "Holy f**k! Gorgeous is an understatement."

"Sending you all the love, Dylan," put a third.

While someone else added: "I'm enthralled by your joy and the dripping empowerment. We are so privileged to witness you, Dylan. Thank you for inviting us into this journey, this homecoming, this journey, this story that is yours."

Featured Image Credit: @dylanmulvaney/Instagram

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