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Dua Lipa reacts to man in crowd’s ‘marry me’ t-shirt
Featured Image Credit: @duafver/TikTok

Dua Lipa reacts to man in crowd’s ‘marry me’ t-shirt

The One Kiss hitmaker decided to dedicate a song to her adoring fan

We’re sure that getting regular marriage proposals comes with the territory of being a popstar, but Dua Lipa responded in the best way after seeing a man in the crowd wearing a t-shirt asking her to marry him.

In a video which has been doing the rounds on TikTok, the 'New Rules' singer can be seen strutting her stuff on stage in a sparkly silver bodysuit and matching ankle boots.

Spotting the man in the crowd she says: “I’m trying to read your t-shirt, what does it say? It says ‘Marry me Dula peep’," in reference to a nickname the fan had given her.

She can be seen giggling while the crowd goes wild at the request.

The 26-year-old superstar goes on to say: “Unfortunately I can’t marry you, but I can dedicate this song to you if you’d like?”

The man with the t-shirt says: “For me?”, to which she responds: “For you.”

The 'One Kiss' hitmaker then playfully gets on her knees and dances as she launches into her next song, 'Good In Bed'.

This was the t-shirt that fan Dula Peep Guy wore to the show.

Since seeing the clip, the singer’s fans have commented with love for the singer.

One said: “If I were him I’d be crying myself to sleep.”

Another commented on the clip: “What I would give to have Dua Lipa dedicate a song to me.”

While another wrote: “She is the cutest human being alive.”

And another stated that it was: “Queen behaviour”.

The crowd went wild at the interaction between Dua Lipa and her fan.

The interaction happened during the star’s Future Nostalgia Tour which has been delighting fans around the world.

It was uploaded by the man in the t-shirt on TikTok who refers to himself as ‘Dula Peep Guy’ with the caption “So this happened”.

Commenting to those on his post he said that he 'almost passed away' over the interaction.

It is the second concert tour and first arena tour by Dua Lipa which started in February and will be continuing until November.

So far, the singer has performed in cities including Miami, New York and Vegas in the US as well as major European cities including Manchester, London and Madrid.

She will be headed to Latin America as well as New Zealand and Australia from September onwards.

Of the concert, one fan wrote: “Best night of my life that concert was.”

Another said: “I was there. OMG it was so iconic.”

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