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Dolly Parton leaves people shocked after selling $229 apple pie at her theme park

Dolly Parton leaves people shocked after selling $229 apple pie at her theme park

The country-music star has come under fire for the over-priced pie which she sells at the Dollywood theme park in Tennessee.

Dolly Parton has shocked fans after the country music icon decided to sell an apple pie for $229 in her theme park.

Taking inspiration from it’s patron, Dollywood is meant to be a family-friendly theme park which has it’s own waterpark, resort and spa .

Despite this, you’ll have to work more than 9 to 5 to afford the pricey pie at the Tennessee amusement park.

Featured on the official Dollywood Instagram, the baked treat reportedly weighs over 25 lbs (11kg) and contains 40-50 apples.

Created to promote the park’s 25th anniversary back in 2010, the pie has been cooked in and cast iron skillet and can feed up to four people (with a rather generous serving).

It’s even sparked a trend on YouTube, with fans flocking to try the delicious pie even with its stomach-turning price - just a slice will set you back $19.99.

Whilst the pie might be endorsed by the first lady of country music, fans haven’t been impressed after hearing about the creation over on TikTok.

In a now-viral video, TikToker @stonewall_kelsey filmed the infamous baked good along with the staggering sum people prepared to pay.

Fans have been reacting angrily to the baked good.

Shared with a soundbite from Parton’s iconic track '9 to 5', the short clip has gained over 3.3 million views on the platform since it was earlier this month.

Understandably, the price has cooked up controversy with many fans criticising the cost in the comments, with one fan writing: “It better cover in gold for that price."

Others quickly followed, with another joking that the pie ought to have ‘been kissed by Gordon Ramsay’ given its exceptionally high price point.

It even sparked an angry reaction from one former Dolly fan, who had clearly been unimpressed by the pie and the park.

They wrote: “Dollywood is not worth the price of admission or anything for that matter. I'd prefer a Dolly concert.”

Many fans have defended the singer over the pricey pie.
London Entertainment / Alamy Stock Photo

However, some fans have defended the cost of the singer’s skillet-baked pie and said that it’s not ‘that bad’ considering its size.

One wrote: “Mmmmm that is 9.20/pound. Taking into consideration materials, labor, potentially specialized tools. It's really not *that* bad of a price.”

Others also mentioned that it would be a better price if you got to keep the skillet as another souvenir of your trip.

“That sounds so damn good tho and u keep the caste iron skillet”, added another.

Whilst the internet hasn’t come to a consensus about the baked good, here’s hoping that there are other cheaper treats to indulge in at the Tennessee park.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@stonewall_kelsey / REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

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