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Dick Van Dyke gives brilliant response after being asked for secret to a long life

Dick Van Dyke gives brilliant response after being asked for secret to a long life

The actor has just turned 97 and is sharing his secrets to living such a long time

Dick Van Dyke just turned 97 years old and the legendary star has shared some of his secrets behind living a long life.

The icon of the silver screen hit the new milestone on 13 December and reckons he's on track to reach the big 100.

Remembered for his incredible dancing routines, dazzling performances and slightly questionable cockney accent, Van Dyke has been a famous face in the lives of generation after generation.

That he's still going as he gets closer to 100 is an inspiration to us all, but it might be worth working out just how he manages to still do it.

In a video acquired by the Daily Mail, the performer was recently stopped for a bit of a chat about the secret behind living so long and he shared some pearls of wisdom, though was mostly in a joking mood.

Dick Van Dyke gave a brilliant answer when asked what his secret to a long life was.
REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

The Mary Poppins star joked that if he'd 'known I was going to live this long I'd have taken better care of myself', though he's certainly in better shape than most 97-year-olds.

The cinematic legend still has a spring in his step, which he proved a few years back in Mary Poppins Returns with his own dancing scene.

He was so eager to prove he still had the old magic in his feet that when offered three versions of the dance he would do in the movie he picked the one he thought was toughest just to prove he could still do it.

When asked what his secret to living so long was he joked that he didn't know the answer but that 'all my friends are dead so I’m not going to complain'.

In high spirits after turning 97, Van Dyke was asked if he stays in touch with Mary Poppins co-star Julie Andrews and said: "I don't know, I don't know where she is these days, that's why she's still alive."

The icon proved he still had it in his 90s by dancing in Mary Poppins Returns.
Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

Perhaps the real reason is that he stays healthy and active even in his 90s, still keeping up a basic exercise routine to keep himself active and mobile.

Earlier this year Van Dyke said he was 'just glad to still be here' when asked if he was going to be treated to big plans on Father's Day.

A prolific performer even into his later years, the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang star doesn't work as much as he used to now so he can spent more time with his family.

Here's hoping he makes it to 100 like he wants to do, especially as he's living proof you can still have a spring in your step well into your 90s.

Featured Image Credit: REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

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