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Dax Shepard says Anna Kendrick is the only person Kristen Bell has ever been jealous of

Dax Shepard says Anna Kendrick is the only person Kristen Bell has ever been jealous of

Sometimes it's okay to keep secrets.

If there's one thing that Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are going to do, it's share intimate details about each other with the public.

This Hollywood couple are anything but private, and regularly speak about their unusual parenting techniques and the more intimate moments in their relationship.

But some fans think Dax's most recent confession is a step too far, after he freely admitted to Anna Kendrick that she's the only person in the industry that Kristen has ever been jealous of.

Anna appeared on Dax's podcast Armchair Expert to discuss her upcoming film Alice, Darling, when he dropped the bombshell on her.

"I've known Kristen for 15 years. She has only had jealousy over a single human, and it's been you," he told the Scott Pilgrim vs The World star.

Dax told Anna all about Kristen's jealous streak.
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"Kristen was like, 'Who is this other short person? Oh, so she can sing like that too. I'm already here! We've got another one?'

"I asked her if I could tell you that today, and she said, 'Oh my God, yes of course'."

Although I never would have thought to compare these two actors, the resemblance is definitely there.

They tend to be cast in similar roles, both have the dreamy Disney voice, and can pull off laugh-out-loud comedy flicks just as well as serious drama projects.

Kristen, it would appear, definitely noticed.

"She monitored you, recognised how brilliant you were, lost some roles to you, and slowly processed the whole thing - and has nothing but wonderful feelings for you - but you're the only person that ever made her jealous, that I witnessed," Dax went on.

Anna was almost left speechless, trying to figure out how best to process the information.

"I know this is an audio thing but I really feel like I have a comically shocked look on my face," she told podcast listeners before making a confession of her own.

Anna was shocked to learn Kristen was jealous of her.
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"That is bizarre because I had been debating, depending on how this conversation went, saying, I actually have a funny thing with you wife where I never felt like she liked me.

"I do think that a massive percentage of that is just genuinely, when it comes to really sweet, angelic blonde girls, I just assume they think I'm this weird little troll.

"I think of her as this angel and she's just so sweet and I feel so rough around the edges that I was like, 'Oh, she must not like me. Oh no, I'm sure that's just my projection, I'm sure that's not how she actually feels.'"

When asked what she had been basing her assumptions on, Anna replied: "I couldn't tell you. This is so interesting because I don't know where to put that now because maybe there was just some energetic thing there.

"In all likelihood there wasn't, but it was just my typical thing of - certain women who look a certain way scare me and I just assume that they won't like me.'"

Anna admitted she had just assumed Kristen didn't like her.
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Listeners were just as shocked as Anna that Dax had volunteered this information about his wife on his podcast, and took to Twitter to discuss it.

"Filing for divorce that very day if my spouse tells the world my business like this," wrote one horrified fan.

"Why would you say this not only to her but to millions of people," asked a second.

But others were quick to remind fans that Dax had gotten Kristen's permission to share the story.

"Did everyone skip over the part where he clearly stated that bringing this up in conversation with Anna was run by Kristen and she gave him consent to do so??"

I think I know more about this couple now than I know about myself right now!

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