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Danny DeVito used to be a hairdresser for dead women

Danny DeVito used to be a hairdresser for dead women

The legendary actor used to make dead people look their best

Danny DeVito has revealed that he used to cut dead people's hair before he became a movie star.

To be honest, Danny DeVito feels like one of those celebrities you could tell pretty much any zany story about and people would believe it because he's Danny DeVito and that's just what he does.

This one has come from the man himself, however, and DeVito has revealed that in his younger days he used to go to morgues and be a hairdresser for dead women.

Before he became a famous actor he worked as a beautician at his sister's salon in New Jersey, which ultimately put him on the path to a strange gig as a barber to the deceased.

That job also paved the way for his acting career, as DeVito ended up joining the American Academy of Dramatic Arts when he was sent to learn how to properly do makeup.

Danny DeVito used to cut dead women's hair.
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Making the revelation on a recent episode of The Always Sunny Podcast, DeVito explained that he started out as a barber but ended up working on the hair of cadavers after some of his customers passed away.

He said: "One of my clients died. Not in the chair - thank god not in the chair. She died but her family asked me to do her hair for the coffin.

"It was the first time that happened and subsequently I did several because I - my sister kept giving me - I would go to the mortician, I would go to the morgue. Come on, this has got to be a future Sunny episode."

"Seriously they're dead, they're there, they're done up by the mortician, they're in the box and I would be the last person, I would take their hair and use the dry setting lotion and curl the hair, set the hair, take it out and fluff it up a little."

His Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-stars were astonished to learn DeVito had practically been a 'part-time mortician' in his younger days.

DeVito used to work in his sister's beauty salon when he was younger, and cut his clients hair even after they died.
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DeVito has lived quite a life, having got into acting after trying to learn how to do makeup and being told he'd need to enrol in the whole performing course for his training.

Since 2005 he's been a regular cast member on Always Sunny, even if his co-stars do occasionally prank him by making up a whole fake episode just to mess with him on April Fool's Day.

On set he has his own private stash of peaches which are labelled 'Danny DeVito's, please don't touch' which he likes carrying round with him.

One of his other iconic roles audiences will know him for is his turn as Batman villain The Penguin in Batman Returns, and DeVito reckons his version of the character was better than Colin Farrell's recent take.

Featured Image Credit: The Always Sunny Podcast / YouTube

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