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People are creeped out by Trisha Paytas' new baby ASMR video after they gave birth

People are creeped out by Trisha Paytas' new baby ASMR video after they gave birth

Trisha Paytas has released a new ASMR video acting as though the viewer is her newborn baby.

People have been left creeped out by a new ASMR video from Trisha Paytas where they pretend the audience is their newborn baby.

34-year-old YouTuber Trisha Paytas has split fans and left some feeling creeped out after releasing a new ASMR video where the audience is meant to be her new baby.

During the video the YouTuber speaks softly to the camera, cutting a piece of string as though it was an umbilical cord and shaking a bottle of milk.

Opinion over the video was split with some people being creeped out by it and others thinking it was quite wholesome.

One person said the video was 'beyond creepy'.

Another argued that it was 'icky' that she was 'capitalizing' on their newborn child so soon.

However, others said the ASMR video showed a 'beautiful' motherly love while someone said they 'thought this was going to be weird but its actually so wholesome'.

The YouTuber cut a piece of string like an umbilical cord as part of the ASMR.
YouTube/Trisha Paytas ASMR

Others praised the ASMR aspects of the video, saying she'd got them 'perfect'.

Some of their fans applauded the apparent dedication to get back to making videos so soon after giving birth.

ASMR is a pretty niche market but Paytas seems to be doing well from it considering their latest video has racked up over 70,000 views in less than a day and has an account on YouTube with over 300,000 subscribers.

They also held up a bottle of milk to the camera.
YouTube/Trisha Paytas ASMR

Paytas recently gave birth to a daughter, Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon, and revealed the happy news alongside partner Moses Hacmon.

Before even being born the baby had been the subject of a bizarre internet conspiracy claiming she was going to be the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Paytas decided to head off the internet talk

They said: "Okay, first and foremost, I am still very much pregnant. It is September 9 2022, and I'm still very much pregnant.

"Yesterday on the internet I - for some reason was trending - and I was so scared because I've been trying to stay out of drama and everything.

"This was attention I did not want. So basically, there was rumours yesterday that I had my baby and also the Queen died yesterday, and it just felt really weird to say anything about anything for a number of reasons."

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Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Tricia Paytas ASMR

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