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Coachella festivalgoers outraged and 'disgusted' at Frank Ocean's headlining set
Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@blahnded

Coachella festivalgoers outraged and 'disgusted' at Frank Ocean's headlining set

Fans were left less than impressed after the set was hit with a lengthy delay

Frank Ocean fans were left less than impressed after the star turned up late for his headline performance at Coachella and then had to wrap things up early due to the festival’s curfew.

Ocean’s appearance at the festival was his first live performance since 2017 at Flow Festival in Finland.

And, after a six-year wait, fans were forced to wait just a little bit longer with the singer's set delayed by an hour.

The delay meant that Ocean had to finish his performance a bit sooner than fans would have hoped, prompting some of them to brand the whole thing ‘disgusting’.

One person tweeted: “Started the set late, didn’t let them live stream it, now ending the set early… Frank Ocean, you will rue the day.”

Another commented: “Ain’t no way Frank Ocean showed up an hour late just for him to say he had a curfew.”

A third wrote: “What’s even more sad is the fan accounts blaming Coachella as if it has anything to do with them.

Frank Ocean’s appearance at Coachella was his first live performance since 2017.
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"I guarantee they are disgusted by this as the closing headline performance. People were walking out in droves and the crowd was absolutely DEAD.”

A fourth said: “Oh Frank Ocean… an hour late, no livestream, no merch, dead crowd, & tons of people leaving his set. I had such high expectations for him.”

Someone else wrote: “That was one of the worst Coachella headline performances I’ve ever seen.”

Shortly before he was due to appear on stage, YouTube tweeted to confirm that Ocean’s set would not be live-streamed, writing: “Frank Ocean is not scheduled to appear on the Coachella live stream.”

Sharing their disappointment one person wrote: “Make this the most disliked tweet of all time."

Viewers at home missed the set completely as it was pulled from the livestream.

While a second overly-dramatic fan added: “This is the worst day of my life.”

The lack of livestream had prompted some fans to assume Ocean was set to release new music during his set, with one tweeting: “What if Frank Ocean performs an entirely new album that drops tonight and all of our lives just drastically improve and the world heals.”

However, they were set for more disappointment

Ocean told the crowd: "I wanna talk about while we're here today, it's not because of a new album. Not that there's not a new album, but it's not right now."

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