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Chuck Norris says he 'doesn't need DNA' to accept his daughter after 26 years of not knowing her

Chuck Norris says he 'doesn't need DNA' to accept his daughter after 26 years of not knowing her

The news surprised his fans when they found out he had had a lovechild.

Chuck Norris has experienced a lot in his 83 years of living. From being a notable American hero, martial artist and actor to a living meme, Chuck decided to take it easy and enjoy his retirement with his family when he was greeted with some unexpected news.

The Way of the Dragon actor discovered that he had a love child who had come forward with the news after 26 years. Chuck has decided to welcome her proudly with open arms, despite having no knowledge of her beforehand.

Chuck Norris married his first wife, Dianne Holechek, after falling in love as high school sweethearts. They married in December 1958, a mere six months after they graduated from North Torrance High School, where their romance had blossomed.

Chuck Norris and Haley Joel Osment in Walker, Texas Ranger (1993).

The pair were happily wed for 30 years, even having two sons together (Mike - now aged 60, and Eric - now 57). The lovebirds divorced in 1988, but Norris still has fond memories of Holechek and speaks highly of her. The film star mentioned how she was always supportive of his goals, even when they were struggling financially.

“She has always been very supportive of my goals. She never complained, even when we were scrimping and scraping,” Norris explained.

However, in a biography he released in 2004, Norris shocked fans by confessing that he'd had an affair, which resulted in a love child. He admitted to cheating on Holechek in 1962 where his daughter called, Dina Morris, was born. However, Norris wasn't aware of Dina's existence until she reached out in 1991 at 26 years old, claiming to be his biological daughter.

Chuck Norris with his partner.

Norris admitted to having a brief fling with a woman called Johanna when he was stationed in California as part of the US Air Force. They had a heat of passion in the back of a car, resulting in Dina's conception. Norris admits that he still feels ashamed for lying to Dina's mother, Johanna, saying: “To my shame, I never told Johanna that I was married,”

Despite warning from her mother Johanna, Dina was adamant that she wanted to reach out to Norris and did just that. He agreed to meet with her and Johanna also, making the moment emotional and unforgettable.

Norris recalled the moment his and his daughters eyes met, saying: “I didn’t need DNA or blood tests.”

Instead, he hugged her and both broke down in tears. The pair bonded there and then and their relationship has only gone from strength to strength since.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ChuckNorris

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