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Chris Rock got his own daughter kicked out of school so she could 'learn her lesson'

Chris Rock got his own daughter kicked out of school so she could 'learn her lesson'

During his comedy special Chris Rock revealed that he asked his daughter's school to kick her out

Chris Rock revealed in his Netflix stand up show that he got his daughter kicked out of her school so she could 'learn her lesson'.

Normally when kids get kicked out of school the parents are up in arms at the decision and will move heaven and earth to try and get their precious offspring back into class.

Things are a little bit different with Chris Rock, as in his recent Netflix show Selective Outrage he revealed that he actually went that extra mile to make sure his daughter Lola was dropped by her school.

Rock explained that he sent his daughter to an expensive private school, but she got in trouble on a trip to Portugal where she and her friends snuck away to go out drinking.

He said 'of course, they got busted' and joked that the families of the other kids lawyered up to make sure their kids stayed in school, quipping that 'even the ones that were lawyers got lawyers'.

Chris Rock admitted that he got his daughter kicked out of school to teach her a lesson.

Not the comedian, however, as he said he found his daughter not taking the whole thing as seriously as he wanted as she was 'just laughing with like three of her little white girlfriends'.

Recounting that his daughter told him she'd be 'back in school in no time', Rock decided he needed to teach Lola a lesson and spoke to the dean of the school, urging them to land her with some actual consequences and kick her out.

He told the dean: "I need you to kick my daughter out of this school. I need you to kick her Black a** out of this school.

"I need my Black child to learn her lesson right now before she is up on OnlyFans and some s**t. Please kick my child out of f**king school."

Apparently it worked because the comedian went on to say 'they kicked her out', explaining that all of the kids caught sneaking out of a school trip to drink were kicked out of the school but they 'kicked my child out first'.

Rock added that things had worked out for Lola since she was now in college, so his attempt to teach her a lesson hadn't crashed her education.

Chris Rock addressed that slap from Will Smith in his show, but also revealed he got his own daughter kicked out of school.
REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

The comedian has caused quite a stir with his Selective Outrage show after speaking out about that infamous slap Will Smith dealt him at the Oscars.

Rock called Smith a 'b***h' and claimed that he watched Emancipation just to see the actor getting hit, while some reckon he chose to play the gig in Jada Pinkett Smith's hometown of Baltimore as an extra provocation.

However, others have been less than impressed with Selective Outrage as a few viewers took to social media and branded it 'unfunny', and others said it 'makes me feel not bad for what Will Smith did'.

Selective Outrage is available to stream now on Netflix.

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