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Brooke Shields reveals she declined to sleep with JFK Jr. after their first and only date
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Brooke Shields reveals she declined to sleep with JFK Jr. after their first and only date

The pair met on a skiing trip in Aspen

Brooke Shields has said she rejected JFK Jr’s request to have sex with her after they went on a date together.

The actor and model says that she and the late president’s son met while skiing in Aspen, Colorado, and admitted that she had harboured a huge crush on him for years.

Shields, 57, told Howard Stern that as a youngster, her mother Teri Shields would point out John F. Kennedy Jr. and tell her: “That’s the boy you’re going to marry.”

However, when the paid did finally meet, there weren't exactly sparks flying - Shields told Stern that the pair skied together during the trip but when she 'couldn't get off' on a mountain, he didn’t offer her any help.

Nonetheless, Shields agreed to go on a date with JFK Jr, but that seemingly didn’t go smoothly either.

She revealed: “He kept saying I looked like his mother, which was really interesting, it was a compliment, but also like ‘I don't know how to feel about this?’” Pretty strange, right?

Shields has spoken about her one and only date with JFK Jr.
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Shields said the date entailed her going back to his ski chalet after going to a Kennedy family drinks evening, and it was here that they kissed.

While the rest of the evening may have been a bit uncertain, Brooke said the kiss was perfect - she dubbed it ‘the best kiss I have ever had in my life’.

She added: “It was beyond not disappointing. The lips are beautiful, and the face is amazing, and the body and the person... and he was down to earth.”

However, when he suggested they take things into the bedroom, Shields said she ‘froze’ and decided against it because of the feelings she had for him.

“I was so afraid of being really hurt, because if I slept with him, I would have given him my entire universe, my heart, my everything,” she said.

Shields said she 'froze' when he suggested they head to the bedroom.
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After that, JFK Jr left Shields to make her own arrangement to get home, something that she said was ‘little less than chivalrous’.

Shields ran into him the very next day while out on the slopes, but said he ‘didn’t talk’ to her, and while this may seem rude, she said it was actually a relief as it made her realize that not having sex with him was the right move.

The actor said her immediate reaction to being ignored was: “Thank God... because he might still not have talked to you, even if you had [slept with him].

“He showed his true colors in that.”

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