Britney Spears Vows To Get Justice Against Family Who 'Harmed And Threatened' Her

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Britney Spears Vows To Get Justice Against Family Who 'Harmed And Threatened' Her

Britney Spears has vowed to get justice against her family in a lengthy new Instagram post, saying that they ‘harmed and threatened’ her. 

The 40-year-old singer is back in Las Vegas for the first time since her residency ended back in 2017, and the first time since her conservatorship was terminated. 

Speaking in a post shared on Sunday night, March 6, she said, 'Wow!!!! Being a guest in Las Vegas is way better than being me... or wait... is it because my family got to be the stars when I worked in Vegas???

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

'I mean damn they were given star treatment… spas… alcohol… the whole 9 yards... but guess what!!! This was my first time!!!' 

Spears went on to describe being ‘treated like an equal in Las Vegas’ as ‘absolutely lovely’, saying it was a ‘huge difference’ to how things were before. 

'Moments like this all I do is look up and say "REALLY GOD??? ALL THIS TIME ???" Then I rewind… put some heels on and realize… I don't have to entertain my family anymore and be their puppet,' she added.  


'I'm here to say one thing and one thing only... KISS MY MOTHER F***ING A**... but you know, not really say it... just reflect it with a smile and a drink in my hand. 

'Stay classy people and don't forget to say your prayers !!!’

In a follow-up message, the star described how she was treated during her previous Vegas residency while under the conservatorship, which ran for 13 years.

As well as ‘being locked up and made to work seven days a week’, she claims that she was given no privacy, had a 9pm curfew and was drugged.


She went on to say, ‘I was nothing more than a puppet to my family yet to the public I just performed on stage and did what I was told to do… but it was worse than that because it was accepted and approved by the people I loved the most.’

Spears added, ‘I was treated less than, demoralized and embarrassed… nobody should ever be treated the way I was…

‘The reason I bring this up is because ending the conservatorship is a huge deal but come on… THAT’S IT??? They all got away with it!!! 

‘If you’ve ever been in shock for 4 months… threatened for your life… you would be upset too… I’m not done…


‘I want justice and won’t stop until something is done to those who harmed me… and YES I was harmed!!!! This is a message to all who have been threatened for their life… You are NOT ALONE!!!!’

The singer’s long-running conservatorship ended last year following the #FreeBritney movement, which kicked off in 2019 amid allegations that she had ceased performing because she was being held in a facility by her father against her will.

She has previously described how she was not able to have the keys to her own car, own an ATM card or have more children.

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