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Blueface slammed as 'disgusting' after forcing fan on stage before shoving her to the floor

Blueface slammed as 'disgusting' after forcing fan on stage before shoving her to the floor

Social media users have rebuked Blueface for allegedly trying to get a crowd member to fight his girlfriend

People have condemned rapper Blueface after a video has begun circulating showing him inviting a fan on stage before pushing them down to the floor.

Blueface is certainly not new to online controversy, with him recently leaving fans horrified after sharing a picture of his baby son's genitals.

But a video from a recent event of his has left viewers disgusted, to say the least.

The clip began circulating on Sunday (December 17) and showed the rapper hosting an event at a club in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his on-and-off-again girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis.

After introducing Alexis, someone allegedly threw ice at the social media influencer, sparking Blueface to intervene.

The rapper believed he had identified the culprit and began talking to them directly through his microphone, inviting them up on stage.

The woman claimed she did not throw anything but stepped up on the stage regardless, and was subsequently pushed in the back by Blueface - seemingly towards Alexis.

Multiple people were recording the event and caught the following scuffle, with other angles from the incident showing Alexis attempted to swing at crowd member but miss.

The woman in the crowd, when on stage, appeared to try and tell Alexis that she didn’t throw anything before she was attacked.

Multiple people were recording the event and caught the scuffle on camera.

Fans and social media users alike have been left disgusted by the altercation, and have called for Blueface to face legal repercussions for his actions.

“I hope she press charges and where her friends at. We all would have jumped her and Blue. Lol,” one Instagram user commented on a video of the incident.

"She didn't even touch her. And he is such a goofy lame Trying to hold that girl down. We all know so [they] can't fight," another added. "That's why she love trying to jump people. And when is his judge or probation officer gonna enter the picture we're waiting."

“He acts like he is untouchable and gonna get humbled real quick when he's locked up, can't see his kids and both Baby momma’s long gone he deserves everything he has coming,” a third commented.

Social media users have been disgusted by the altercation and have called for Blueface to face legal repercussions.

“Disgusting. I’d never expect anything else from them to be honest,” another added.

“She threw ice. Ok. Security should’ve snatched her up and put her out. Simple. He shouldn’t have touched her,” explained a fifth.

While a final penned: “So Jaydin still don’t know how to fight huh ? And Blueface think he can just push on girls ? They wack AF ! I’m so sick of Jayden and blue."

UNILAD has contacted representatives of Blueface for comment.

Featured Image Credit: OhhMar24/X

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