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Fans shocked as they confuse Ben Affleck's daughter Violet, 17, for mom Jennifer Garner

Fans shocked as they confuse Ben Affleck's daughter Violet, 17, for mom Jennifer Garner

She looks like her 'mother's twin' in the photos from the Forth of July weekend

While it's usually her famous dad and his superstar wife hitting the headlines, this weekend it was Violet Affleck who captured attention for her striking resemblance to her mum, Jennifer Garner.

Posing for some snaps with her Argo director dad, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, at a Fourth of July white party, fans couldn't contain their excitement when they mistook the 17 year old for her famous mum and star of 13 Going On 30, Jennifer Garner.

One fan tweeted: “Ben Affleck’s daughter is LITERALLY her mother’s (Jennifer Garner) twin.

"Like I know kids will look like their parents but what role did Ben’s dna play if any?

"What did you contribute Ben???!!!!!"

Another said: "You know you did no work when your kids dimple is in the exact same spot as your spouse like wow y'all really cut me out of the equation."

Instagram/Michael Rubin

Despite Garner not attending the party held by billionaire CEO, Michael Rubin, others questioned who it actually was in the photo: “I think we can all agree that’s Jennifer Garner, totally posing as her daughter.”

Others seemed genuinely confused as to whether it was Violet or her mom in the photo: “Is this Jennifer Garner or her and Ben Affleck’s daughter?,” they asked.

Another said: "I thought this was Jen I was so confused."

Getty/Bill Davila/FilmMagic

Affleck and Garner divorced in 2018 after being married for 13 years from 2005 until 2018.

As well as 17-year-old Violet, the pair also co-parent Seraphina, 14, and Samuel, 10.

The Gone Girl actor and director has since blended his family when he married Jennifer Lopez in August 2022.

Their resemblance is striking.

She shares 15-year-old twins from a previous relationship, Maximilian and Emme with her ex-husband Marc Anthony.

The newlywed originally got engaged in 2003, but called it off in January 2004, before rekindling their romance in 2021.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Michael Rubin

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