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Ashton Kutcher's 'nipples were falling off' finishing $1 million marathon for charity

Ashton Kutcher's 'nipples were falling off' finishing $1 million marathon for charity

Kutcher's nipples were two casualties at the 2022 New York Marathon

Ashton Kutcher victoriously crossed the finish line at the 2022 New York Marathon this weekend after revealing his struggle with his nipples.

The 44-year-old actor and around 50,000 runners took part in the tiring race through the streets of the city.

Kutcher ran the 25-point-two-mile race to raise money for Thorn, the charity he founded with his ex-wife Demi Moore to protect children from sexual abuse and child sex trafficking.

He spoke about his gruelling training regime days before the marathon on Today, when he noted having an injury which made him feel like his ‘nipples were falling off’.

Kutcher finished the marathon on Sunday.

“It’s brutal on the body. Like, I got injured halfway through and now I feel like I recovered from the injury, but I’ve had a lot of help,” he revealed.

He lost 12 pounds during his training and reflected ‘I may have started a little bit too early. I think I started, like, six months ago.’

On top of the pain from the injury he experienced chafing on his chest. “My nipples were falling off. I’ll be honest about it,” he added.

He also confessed he found training for hours on the treadmill and outdoor paths not very interesting.

Kutcher's nipples suffered during his training.

To help keep himself interested, he launched an interview show on Peloton for which he interviewed his famous friends including Natalie Portman, Kim Kardashian and Kenny Chesney, all while working out in his basement.

“It was so much training, I’m spending so much time running that I’m getting bored of running and sick of just running and you can only listen to the same podcasts or the same playlist so many times,” he joked, recalling how he came up with the idea for the interview series.

Although the That 70s Show star didn’t win the race on Sunday (6 November), he finished with an impressive time of 3:54:01 and over $1 million in donations.

In August Kutcher shared details about his bleeding nipples during his marathon training on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In preparation for the big run, he underwent a 17-mile marathon training run and his 'nipples were on fire'.

Kutcher said: "I went for like a training run last weekend, I did like 17 miles.

"My nipples started to bleed, David.

"I'm like 'what is happening right now', this is like, my legs were fine but my nipples were on fire."

The Dude Where’s My Car actor has been open about his health issues in the past and he previously opened up about suffering from vasculitis, a rare condition which causes the walls of the blood vessels to thicken. This reduces or cuts off the supply of blood to organs around the body which poses a serious risk to health and wellbeing.

Kutcher's nipples must be pleased the marathon is finally over.

Featured Image Credit: Jason DeCrow/AP/Shutterstock

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