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Anya Taylor-Joy says she can't drive despite playing Furiosa in upcoming Mad Max prequel

Anya Taylor-Joy says she can't drive despite playing Furiosa in upcoming Mad Max prequel

But, the actor says she can 'do a juicy 180 in a truck' if you need.

Anya Taylor-Joy has let it slip that she doesn't know how to drive.

Look, there are loads of people that can wind up in their 20s, 30s and maybe even 40s without getting their license.

They don't need to justify themselves for why they've put it off for so many years as long as they can get from A to B effectively.

However, it's a bit of a different story for Ms Taylor-Joy as her upcoming role kind of depends on her being able to drive a vehicle.

She's playing Furiosa in the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel film and the character is famously someone who knows how to operate a heavy truck.

Imperator Furiosa was played by Charlize Theron in the 2015 movie.

The character 'works logistics for Immortan Joe's citadel', and she is 'specifically charged with the task of ferrying oil from Gas Town to the Citadel'.

Village Roadshow Pictures

Anya Taylor-Joy clearly got a lot of training for the role and while she might not be able to officially drive a car in Hollywood, she does know how to do some pretty cool things.

The 26-year-old told IndieWire: "I don’t actually have a license, so I can’t drive. I can’t on a highway, I can’t parallel park, but if you need me to do a juicy 180 in a truck, I can do that and not hit the camera people, which is great.

"Eventually, I will be in a place long enough to get a driver’s license and then I’ll be really happy, because then I can play.

"But in terms of first cars, I think I’m quite spoiled in the fact that they were built by the Mad Max art department."

She spent several months filming the prequel movie and admits it was gritty.

While some movie sets would have gorgeous outfits, immaculate makeup and stunning scenery, Taylor-Joy was met with Australia's desolate and unforgiving outback.

And she loved every minute of it.

"It’s the dirtiest and the bloodiest I have ever been, which is saying something, genuinely saying something," she explained. "Any time I get to be dirty or bloody and not perfectly prim and pretty, I’m just having a ball, that’s where I feel most comfortable.

"So yeah, Furiosa was definitely right up my street."

The film will also star Chris Hemsworth, Tom Burke Nathan Jones and Angus Sampson.

It's set for release in May 2024 so you'll be waiting a while to see Anya Taylor-Joy doing those juicy 180s.

Featured Image Credit: Paul Smith/Alamy Live News. Village Roadshow Pictures

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