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Abella Danger loses it with interviewer who asks her most 'basic' questions

Abella Danger loses it with interviewer who asks her most 'basic' questions

Brandon Buckingham's interview with Abella Danger didn't quite go to plan

Abella Danger completely lost her s**t with an interviewer who asked her the most 'basic, arrogant, disgusting' questions.

YouTuber Brandon Buckingham - known for his man-on-the-street interviews with strangers - got the chance to chat to one of the biggest names in porn.

Unfortunately it didn't really go to plan. Watch below:

Only Brandon knows if his 'basic' and 'arrogant' questions were intentional or not, however, it seems that Abella was not impressed in the slightest.

At a Brazzers meet-and-greet in Vegas, Brandon spoke to a host of adult film stars.

Although, quite clearly, some were more wound up than others.

"How has porn impacted like your, your uh sexual relationships? Are you dating anybody?" Brandon asked.

Abella, who looked a bit puzzled, simply replied: "Yeah?"

"How's that been?" the YouTuber asked.

"Great, I have a normal relationship just like anyone else," a quick-witted Abella responded.

Abella Danger completely lost her s**t with an interviewer.
YouTube/Brandon Buckingham

Unfortunately, things only went downhill from here.

"If you had a child that wanted to get into pornography, an 18-year-old of course, you would support them getting into it, correct? Brandon asked.

The adult film star looked completely fed up with his questions and later called the YouTuber 'a little prick'.

"Yeah, you know, you ask the most like basic, arrogant, disgusting questions. No like, I just need to let you know like you're a little prick, and you're lucky that I've even sat here this long and entertained this conversation," she said.

"But yeah, I don't care as long as they're happy, but you ask all the basic, like just so, like just so small-minded, like you're just very disappointing.

"I really thought that you would have something interesting to ask me, but you just asked the same questions I've been asked countless of times before, and I really thank you for your time. Thank you so much for interviewing me but um yeah, have a nice day."

Abella was not impressed with the line of questioning.
YouTube/Brandon Buckingham

A stunned Brandon 'apologised for offending' her, before Abella hit back with: "It's ok, you didn't offend me you just disappointed me you asked me the same s**t.

"These are questions everyone has asked me.

"I'm just telling you to work on that.

"It was just disappointing, it was the same questions I get asked all the time," she continued.

The YouTuber then cheekily asked: "Can you give us an example of a good question? Give us an example of a good question."

"Um what do you think the meaning of life is?" a sarcastic Abella replied.

But before considering an answer, it seems that she had enough that she was moving on to the next interviewer.

Very awks indeed.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Brandon Buckingham

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