Woman ‘Tries To Batter’ Gordon Ramsay In Resurfaced Video

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Woman 'Tries To Batter' Gordon Ramsay In Resurfaced VideoITV/Alamy

A contestant on Hell’s Kitchen ‘tried to batter’ chef Gordon Ramsay, and the resurfaced footage has left viewers stunned. 

Gordon Ramsay may be used to kitchen nightmares, but a celebrity contestant really rose the temperature when she attempted to physically assault the chef in 2007.

Ramsay is known for his effing and swearing, but actress Amanda Barrie took it to a whole new level after she was accused of showing off.

Resurfaced Footage Of Contestant Trying To Hit Gordon Ramsay - Alamy Alamy

According to Talent Recap, the chef had pulled Barrie for a chat after she expressed irritation over the ‘silly stupid hours’ of Hell’s Kitchen. Ramsay contested the actress’ claims, and pointed out that she had signed a contract.

Barrie said: 

I had absolutely no idea that these hours would have people bursting into tears every five minutes.

Upon being told off for shouting in front of the team, Barrie decided to try and take a swing at the chef, refuting his claims that she had been showing off, instead declaring she was just ‘tired’.

However, Barrie clearly wasn’t tired enough, as she still had enough energy to not only verbally abuse Ramsay, but raise her hand to strike him.

Check it out below:

Ramsay’s response, contradictory to how he is normally perceived, was cool as a cucumber, as he told Barrie, ‘Don’t be so stupid.’

The resurfaced footage has since amassed over 800,000 views and 900 likes, with users taking to the Instagram in awe of Ramsay’s quick reflexes and cool demeanour. One said: ‘His reaction time shows he ain’t just talk. Better give him the lamb sauce,’

Another wrote: 

The fact that he catches of on his off hand, while his eyes are closed, and he managed to fully stop it, not a block, a stop. Gordon has ultra instinct.

A third commented: ‘Put him against Jake Paul next.’

Despite the humour found in how easily Ramsay was able to stop Barrie from hitting him, the behaviour was pointed out as being completely unacceptable.

The clash was sorted out the next day, and Barrie admitted to being ‘totally out of control’ when she took a swipe at Ramsay.

‘I’m obviously not in control of myself when I’m around you I’m either in tears or taking a whack at you. I thought that was no way to behave – I made a complete and utter fool of myself,’ she said.

Ramsay joked that it was a ‘bloody good shot’, however, Barrie later left the show, reflecting in 2018 on Celebrity Big Brother that while she still thought ‘he deserved it’, she was ‘not proud’ of her actions.

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