Woman Leaves Tattoo Parlour Mid-Inking After Being Fat-Shamed


Woman Leaves Tattoo Parlour Mid-Inking After Being Fat-ShamedTikTok/@senoracabrona

A woman said she left a tattoo studio mid-inking after being fat-shamed by the man behind the needle.

TikTok user Dalina (@senoracabrona) recently shared about the experience with her followers, explaining that she’d initially met the unnamed man at her gym.


Describing it as the ‘worst tattoo experience of her life’, she said the man made comments about her ‘uneven’ stomach, but the last straw was when he mentioned ‘back rolls’, leading Dalina to pay him before walking out.

In a video that’s been viewed 15.4 million times, she said: “I need to know if I’m being dramatic or not. I just left in the middle of getting my tattoo, in the middle of my appointment. I just got up and I paid him and I left.


“I met this guy at the gym and he approached me specifically because of my tattoos and he was like ‘oh I do tattoos’ and he gave me his card and we exchanged information.


“Then I looked him up and I liked his work. And I had a tattoo that I wanted to get done all over my stomach, I want to get blasted.

“Naturally, I come to the thing and he has me take off my shirt. I have my pasties so I’m literally just there without a shirt. And then literally just my nipples are covered.

“And he just starts talking about how unsymmetrical I was, he started calling my boobs ‘t*ts’. But the last straw I turned around and he goes, ‘Oh, I get why I see you in the gym all the time, you got back rolls’… Am I crazy?”

TikToker Dalina opened up about her worst ever tattoo experience. TikTok/@senoracabrona

Thousands of people have since commented on Dalina’s post offering support and praise for the incident.

“You’re not being dramatic at all. The fact he got you to take off your shirt for a tattoo of your stomach,” wrote one, alongside a red flag emoji.

Another said, “I am SO sorry this happened to you. My jaw dropped. You are STUNNING. So inappropriate.”

“As a man, I’m sorry for him. That is completely unacceptable,” commented a third, with a fourth adding, “Not being dramatic. That was not okay.”


In response to one comment asking why Dalina paid the tattoo artist, she explained that she’s 5ft 1in while he’s 6ft+ and they were in a garage he uses for a studio where the only exit is one he has to manually open.

TikToker Dalina opened up about her worst ever tattoo experience. TikTok/@senoracabrona

“Who’s to say that he wouldn’t get angry and possibly physical if I were to, say, get up and try to short him his money?

“So I had him finish the outline and I was like ‘yeah my husband needs me’ and I got up and I left.”


The TikToker said she’s since received offers from numerous tattoo artists in her area to get the rest of the ink job shaded, fixed and filled.

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