Woman Divorces Husband After Spotting ‘Small Detail’ On Facebook Photo


Woman Divorces Husband After Spotting 'Small Detail' On Facebook PhotoTylar Paige/TikTok

A TikToker has gone as far as to divorce her husband following his ‘ridiculous’ response to a telling detail on a photo uploaded by a nightclub venue.

Detroit based dancer, artist, marketer and entrepreneur Tylar Paige clocked a Facebook pic of her husband posing at the club ‘with a bunch of girls’ without his wedding ring on. An omission which naturally left her feeling a bit suspicious.


When Tylar quizzed her now ex husband about where exactly his ring was, he came up with what she regarded as the ‘most ridiculous lie’ she’d ever heard. I have to admit, I wouldn’t exactly have been convinced either.

Check it out below:

@tylarpaigeI’d love for this sound to go viral because he will know he’s the only idiot that would tell such a whopper!!! ##fyp ##liar ##cheater ##exhusband♬ They photoshopped his wedding ring off – Ty Paige


In an attempt to explain where his wedding ring had vanished to, Tylar’s unnamed former spouse attempted to persuade her that ‘they Photoshopped his ring off’.

Recalling this imaginatively elaborate excuse, Tylar couldn’t help but laugh, repeating the line in disbelief before adding, ‘we’re divorced’.

In the caption for the video, which has been liked well over 300,000 times at the time of writing, Tylar declared that she would ‘love this sound to go viral because he will know he’s the only idiot that would tell such a whopper!!!’

wedding ring@tylarpaige/TikTok

Many people have been left greatly amused by Tylar’s story, with one follower quipping that she hadn’t divorced him, she had merely ‘Photoshopped him out of your life’.

Others could relate this sort of baffling behaviour, sharing their own horror stories of spouses with a slippery handle on the truth.

One woman recalled:

My ex husband came home with a hickey. He said he fell and hit his neck on the toilet.


Another said:

My ex was on a dating site. His excuse was that it was an old profile and dating sites make the accounts of hot people look active to get more people.

wedding ring@tylarpaige/TikTok

In 2013, jewellery retailer found that 51% of men admitted they removed their wedding ring when heading to a pub, club or bar with friends, while a shocking 21% of men confessed to taking their ring off anywhere where they might meet a ‘better’ partner.


Although we don’t know why Tylar’s husband slipped his ring from his finger that night, it’s a safe bet to assume he wasn’t just keeping it safe somewhere. Fair play to Tylar for seeing the funny side.

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    More than half of married men take off wedding ring when going to the pub

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