‘Whip It Out’ Super Bowl Commercial Slammed For Mocking Sexual Harassment


'Whip It Out' Super Bowl Commercial Slammed For Mocking Sexual HarassmentCURE Auto Insurance

A car insurance company is being called out for its distasteful Super Bowl advert that appeared to make light of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The CURE Auto Insurance ad has got people talking for all the wrong reasons, with many branding the ad as offensive.


In the 30-second long video, several office employees can be seen discussing men ‘whipping out’ their opinions.

One woman walks into the office and says, ‘Tommy just brought me into his office and whipped out his opinion,’ followed by Tommy defending himself by saying that his female colleague was ‘into it’ and that his opinion is pretty big… You get the gist.

See the cringe-worthy ad here:



People took to social media to express their thoughts on the advert, and people definitely weren’t fans.

One person wrote, ‘Wow. Okay. Cure Auto Insurance with the fail ad of the decade. What is happening????’, as another person said, ‘how do i unsee the cure auto insurance commercial’.

Another Super Bowl-watcher tweeted:

Is Cure Auto Insurance joking? We are going to make fun of about sexual harassment? I may have learned the rules to football 3 weeks ago, but I am absolutely sure that’s f*cked up.


Someone else said, ‘Cure auto insurance with the tonedeaf ad of the year,’ as someone else wrote, ‘Shame on you Cure Auto Insurance. That ad was terrible.’

Hundreds of others shared tweets about the arguably unfunny advert as well:


Making it all the more cringeworthy, the ad finishes with, ‘We can’t protect your opinion, but we can protect your car.’ Sigh.


CURE Auto Insurance is yet to respond to the backlash.

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    This ‘Offensive’ Super Bowl Commercial That Makes Light Of Sexual Harassment Is Pure Cringe

Niamh Shackleton
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