What The Office’s Michael Scott’s Browser History Would Look Like


What The Office's Michael Scott's Browser History Would Look LikeNBC Universal Television Distribution

Nearly a decade on from the emotional finale of The Office, fans still have many burning questions about life at Dunder Mifflin.

From what exactly was written in that romantic teapot message, to what Creed’s job actually involved, there are some things which may always remain a mystery.


However, fans have a pretty good idea about one important aspect of this beloved TV universe, and have now been sharing their thoughts on what exactly Michael Scott’s browsing history would look like.

Still from The Office ( NBC Universal Television Distribution)NBC Universal Television Distribution

The hapless regional manager got himself into all sorts of daft and cringeworthy situations in the course of his paper selling career, and would no doubt have been frantically googling solutions on a daily if not hourly basis.

With this in mind, Reddit users in the r/DunderMifflin community have been imagining what it would be like if you were ever brave enough to boot up Michael’s computer and scroll back through his internet history.


One person suggested that this would absolutely have to include the following panicked search:

Hit woman with car legal problems

Rabies deaths per year

People effected by rabies

People affected by rabies

Scranton man saves local woman

Another wrote:


Vasectomy Reversal


Vasectomy Reversal

Jan and Michael in The OfficeNBC

Other spot-on search suggestions included, ‘How to say no to whole class scholarships programs’, ‘How do you tell the difference between a men’s and women’s suit?’ and ‘How to start my own paper company’.

I wish he had looked up that first one and saved many of us the extreme mortification of the infamous Scott’s Tots, an episode I would love to wipe from my memory.

Honestly, I feel like Michael wouldn’t have had the foresight to clear some of his more questionable searches before upping sticks to Colorado, so I can see every single one of these popping up.


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