Video Of Baby Left Flailing Around On The Floor Sparks Huge Debate

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Video Of Baby Left Flailing Around On The Floor Sparks Huge Debate@wclipsto/TikTok

A TikTok video of a baby left flailing around on a mall food court floor has sparked a huge debate around appropriate parenting. 

The video shows the baby’s supposed guardians sitting at a table in the mall’s food court. The baby can be seen lying on the floor next to their table by the feet of the woman.

The couple are chatting while the baby rolls on the floor, waving its arms around.

The clip has sparked extreme controversy, with TikTokers resharing the post, adding their own thoughts as to what is going on in the video.

@wclipstoLady lays her baby on the floor in the food court ##fypシ ##xyzbca ##crazy ##baby♬ original sound – Jaygunna

The original clip was posted to the platform by TikTok user, Jaygunna (@wclipsto), along with the caption: ‘Lady lays her baby on the floor in the food court #fyp #xyzbca #crazy #baby.’

In the video, Jaygunna films themselves before reversing the camera on the couple and the baby.

As the TikToker walks past and away from the scene, they go on to say: ‘Like are they for real, for real? Or for fake? Like real life?’

Other TikTok users had similar reactions to the video, taking to the app to express their concern for the child.

Another TikTok user called Mamatiktok (@mama_tiktok_here) posted a response to the original video, airing her shock at the baby being allowed to roll around on a public floor.

She can be heard saying:

So, I’m no expert in parenting. I know I’m not a perfect parent by any means, but please do not do this with your baby, with your child, put them on a public floor, especially a food court.

I don’t care how often they clean those floors and how sanitised those floors are, you just don’t do that okay.

Other TikTok users shared similar concerns for the baby, resharing their own reactions to the video and taking to the comments. One said: ‘I put my babies on the floor only at home but had a blanket down. Never in a public place.’

Another commented: 

I would have 1000% said something. Nevermind the germs, someone would easily not see where they are walking and trip over the baby and hurt them.

A third said: ‘I agree but at the same time, the mom looks young. Maybe she doesn’t know better? I’m hoping it’s just a lack of common sense.’

TikTok users also noted the lack of a stroller or other equipment for the baby, which added to their unease at how well equipped the couple were in looking after their baby while on a day out at the mall.

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    ‘Some people really do not deserve to be parents’: Video of baby flailing on mall food court floor sparks debate

Poppy Bilderbeck
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