Twitch Streamer Brutally Takes Takes Down Misogynist Who Asked Her Sexist Question


Twitch Streamer Brutally Takes Takes Down Misogynist Who Asked Her Sexist Questionnegagoryx/Twitter

A Twitch streamer completely eviscerated a misogynist who asked her a sexist question ‘as a joke’. 

The streamer, known as negaoryx, was playing Dead by Daylight when a viewer wrote: ‘Hi, what colour is your thong today?’


In a clip just shy of two minutes, she proceeds to dismantle him for the sexist question, even when he tries to frame it as some sort of ‘joke’.

Immediately after reading the comment, negaoryx sighs and says: ‘Respect women, you just… absolute infant of a human. So what did you expect? Did you expect I was gonna be like… blue, why do you wanna find out? Here’s my number. What do you think people are gonna do my dude, how do you see this going any other way than how it went?’

The same viewer then responds: ‘You can’t take a joke lmao,’ before asking, once again, what colour her underwear is. She asks: ‘What do you think a joke is? You haven’t gotten to the joke yet, we got to the part where you were being a dick.’


Citing Mike Birbiglia’s stand-up – she goes on to criticise him further for saying something ‘shitty and misogynistic’ then attempting to hide behind the guise of it being a ‘joke’ – who often complains about how ‘you can’t joke in the workplace anymore’.

She continues: ‘No, the rest of us can still joke. You can’t, because you were never joking in the first place, you were just being a misogynistic, sexist piece of shit. And then you don’t like hearing that, because someone’s holding a mirror up to you and it makes you uncomfortable.’


The streamer adds: ‘Me telling you you’re not joking is me asking for you to hold yourself accountable to be a better person, because you’re not right now.’

She concludes: ‘I’m sorry if that’s hard for you to hear, cause you think you’re the hero of your own story – but you’re a footnote in everyone else’s.’

The gamer posted the clip to Twitter, writing: ‘99% of the time, I ignore trolls and ban them. 1% of the time, I do this.’ In around 13 hours, it’s already amassed more than 2.7 million views, with hundreds of comments and retweets praising her.


When asked how she managed to say all of that while playing, she replied: ‘Unfortunately it’s because I see these kinds of comments really regularly, and after 4.5 years of doing this I just know how I feel about it without having to think, you know? It’s nothing new, the only difference is I said it out loud instead of thinking it to myself.’

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