Tory MP’s Bizarre ‘Female Doctor Who’ Explanation For Male Crime Criticised Online

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Tory MP's Bizarre 'Female Doctor Who' Explanation For Male Crime Criticised OnlineAlamy/@AdamBienkov/Twitter

Conservative MP Nick Fletcher has been widely mocked after suggesting that having a female actor in the role of Doctor Who was in fact pushing young men into a life of crime.

Adopting a sombre tone, Fletcher declared there was a call from a ‘small but very vocal minority’ to replace every male character with a female one.


As well as pointing fingers at the first and only female Doctor Who actor Jodie Whittaker – who is soon set to leave the show – Fletcher also took issue with the 2016 all-female remake of Ghostbusters, apparently unaware that Ghostbusters: Afterlife is readily available to watch in cinemas, featuring the original male cast members.

Fletcher was also apparently not happy about calls for a female James Bond, something that producer Barbara Broccoli has already clarified isn’t even on the table.

With a grave expression, Fletcher remarked that men are left with ‘the Krays and Tommy Shelby’, asking his fellow MPs, ‘is there any wonder that we are seeing so many young men committing crime?’


Of course, under this reasoning, we are led to believe that before Whittaker first hopped into the Tardis back in 2017, we lived in a crimeless utopia where young men looked to David Tennant and Daniel Craig for moral guidance.

His comments have led to a fair bit of Mickey-taking online, with one Twitter user deadpanning:


To be fair to Nick Fletcher, I remember when Sandi Toksvig took over from Stephen Fry on QI, and I immediately went out and set fire to an orphanage, so he does have a point.

Another tweeted:

FFS Conservative MP Nick Fletcher thinks men turn to crime because Dr Who is now a woman and the latest Skywalker is also a woman

I don’t think young men steal cars, deal drugs or rob corner shops because they are traumatised by Jodie Whittaker.


A number of others have called for Fletcher to be replaced by a woman or, as one person put it, ‘anyone else in the world’. Ouch.

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