TikToker Who Put Gorilla Glue In Her Hair Gives Update After Receiving Medical Treatment


TikToker Who Put Gorilla Glue In Her Hair Gives Update After Receiving Medical TreatmentIm_D_Ollady/TikTok/Tessica Brown/YouTube

A TikToker who used Gorilla Glue to style her hair has given her followers an update after receiving medical treatment.

Tessica Brown, known as @Im_D_Ollady on TikTok, became viral after she shared a video of herself explaining that she used the glue spray as a substitute for her usual hairspray that she’d ran out of.


As a consequence of using the glue, Tessica was stuck with the same hairstyle for four weeks despite several attempts of removing the glue from her hair.

Following lots of advice from fellow TikTokers, Tessica ended up seeking medical help yesterday, February 7, and shared photos of herself in hospital on social media.


In one picture, Tessica could be seen lying on a hospital bed while a medical professional was applying something to her scalp.


Giving an update on her ‘forever ponytail’, Tessica shared a video on YouTube yesterday where a friend of hers can be seen attempting to remove the glue from her hair. At the time of writing, the clip had been viewed over 800,000 times.

The woman attending to Tessica’s hair explains while opening several sachets of some kind of wet wipe, ‘As you can see, the cotton has kind of got stuck [to Tessica’s hair], but we’re gonna try use this like they said.’

She continued, ‘I’m gonna try for it to not burn too much, that’s why we’ve got the water soaking so after I wipe it with these.’

Despite her efforts to not hurt Tessica, the poor TikToker can be seen grimacing throughout the whole video.


YouTubers commented on the video how invested they are in Tessica’s ongoing hair story and expressed their hopes that she’d able to get the glue out.

One person said, ‘I cannot sleep until this sh*ts out’, while someone else wrote, ‘I’ve never been so interested in someone’s life like this woman’s. I really hope she gets it out’.

Someone else commented, ‘There has to be something that breaks down this damn glue! Wtf is it made of?! I feel so bad for her.’


Another YouTuber wrote:

i can’t even imagine honestly i feel so badly for her, seeing even just that small clip of how much pain she’s going through brought tears to my eyes. i hope this nightmare will be over soon and she can start healing.

The video ends with Tessica fanning her head in a bid to ease the burning, so it’s currently unknown if the treatment has worked for her or not.

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Tessica Brown/YouTube
  1. Tessica Brown/YouTube

    Full update Gorilla glue girl (Official)

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