TikToker Shares ‘Traumatising’ Moment She Found Out Older Sister Was Actually Her Mum


TikToker Shares 'Traumatising' Moment She Found Out Older Sister Was Actually Her Mumkarollu_/TikTok

A TikTok user has shared the traumatising experience of finding out of her older sister was in fact her mum.

A recent trend on the platform is asking users to share the biggest lies of their entire life. Karol Lu shocked users when she revealed that at 16 years old, she found out her mum and dad were actually her grandparents.


In the video, which more than 3 million people have watched, Lu explains that as a child her parents would work often. As a result, her older siblings would mostly look after her, in particular her eldest sister who was 16 years her senior.

‘We were never super wealthy so one year when I was 13 I really wanted to get myself a camera, and my parents were like, ‘Okay but you have to work for it’,’ she explains.


‘So my oldest sister, who was 16 years older than me, asked her high school boyfriend (who had a farm) if I could work for him,’ she says.

She recalls how sometime later, her sister’s now ex-boyfriend called her in the middle of the night and said, ‘I know something that would turn your life 180 degrees’.

‘In that moment I knew my eldest sister was actually my mother and my family had been lying to me for 16 years. He didn’t actually say what it was, I just felt it in my bones,’ she tells viewers.

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In a number of other videos, Lu explains that she was born in Poland in the 1990s, an extremely conservative and religious country at the time.

Upon learning that their young daughter was pregnant, Lu’s grandparents decided to hide the pregnancy in a bid to protect their daughter.

After Lu learned of the family secret, she decided not to say anything because she wanted to see when and how they would tell her the truth.


In another video, she said she soon realised she had missed lots of glaring clues in the past.

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‘Once my (real) mum was taking me to school and there was some health check day, so I had to bring my medical history book. The first page said my first name, my last name, and my parent’s name, and there was only one name filled in – my sister’s name,’ Lu says.


She recalls asking at the time why it said her supposed sister’s name but was told it must be some sort of mistake.

Lu told her followers that a few weeks after learning the truth, she told her real mother that she knew. While the issue is still a sensitive topic for the family, she says they have moved on and it hasn’t affected their relationships with one another.

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